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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Skater Boi

Colton is a total daddy's boy! He looks like him, wants to dress like him, and is his constant sidekick! Joe started taking Colton long boarding with him a couple months ago and now he is obsessed with skateboarding!!! He even has a tech deck (finger board) that he takes to bed with him!!

So today we took Colton to Joe's friend's skateboard store, Freedom Board Shop, and C was in heaven!! Joe has been wanting to get Colton a bike for his 2nd birthday but of course we left the shop with a skateboard instead. But now I'm having a momma freak out moment!!! Obviously 2 is a little young to skateboard and he doesn't stand and ride it but I worry that we are jumping the gun?!? He is only allowed to ride with a helmet and daddy has to be with him but I'm still a little worried. I feel like we (Joe) thinks Colton is older than he is and thinks he can handle big kid things:) I swear Joe wanted to put C in a toddler be before he was even 1:) He just looks and acts so grown up but I have to remind us (Joe) that he is still a baby...ok a toddler...but he's still my baby.

But seriously, how cute is this pic!! He loved this hat and wore it the whole time we were there and the whole way home. And those curls??? Such a little stud!

Any other moms let their 2 year old paddle around on a skateboard or are we crazy?