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Saturday, November 26, 2011

From Blonde to Blue

{So I'm blogging from the blogger app on my iPhone. This is genius! Maybe I will blog more often? I am obsessed with my phone and take most of my pictures with my phone. So if I can Facebook from my phone I might as well blog too!!}

Colton is deathly afraid of masks so we didn't attend as many Halloween festivities as we would have liked. {How do we know he doesn't like masks? 2 words Nacho.Libre.} But trunk-or-treat at church was a hit because no masks were allowed😱. Colton was definitely leery of Mark when he came over dressed as Dracula but luckily he warmed up to him. Colette was a pink kitty cat but let's be honest...she didn't look very cat like. My grandma thought she was a mouse an a fellow trunk-or-treater thought she was a possum LOL!! Oh well, I couldn't pass up a 5.99 costume from Children's Place. Joe and I didn't plan ahead for costumes {lame I know} but the night before I was at Target and saw Cookie Monster t-shirts for 9.99 so i thought that was probably as festive as we would get this year. I then had this genius idea that I would spray paint my hair blue!!! I've never spray painted my hair but how hard could it be?? So i picked up some blue hair paint at Hot Topic {mistake #1}. Right before we left for TOT I started spraying and smelled the most horrible smell. The paint smelled like a combo of cheap perfume and cigarette smoke {gag}.... I should have known then that this would end badly. But there was no turning back now. I finished it up thinking what a fun mom I am:) When Joe saw me he was mortified. I had just had my hair done a few days prior and so it had been the perfect shade of blonde. I dismissed his concerns and told him of course it would wash out with no problem and I would be back to normal easy peasy {mistake #2}. TOT was a blast and we all ate way too much candy including Colton {don't judge}. That night after the kids were in bed I hopped in the shower. It looked like a smurf died! I kept washing and scrubbing my hair and the blue just kept dripping. The water finally ran clear so when i hopped out of the shower I was a little surprised/worried when I saw blue streaks and noticed the overall tone of my hair had a blue tinge. So I grabbed the paint can and read something to the effect of "if you have bleached hair you may not want to use this." Maybe I should have read the bottle before I went all gangbusters in my attempt to look like Cookie Monster {mistake #3}. Well thank goodness for my hair girl who got me back to normal the next day. Joe might have given me an "I told you so" but it was still kind of fun living on the "wild" side for a night😉. Colton was definitely the cutest Elmo ever and Aunt Sara was adorable in her ladybug costume. Maybe next year we will be one of those families who goes all out in themed long as I can wear a wig or go all naturale:)