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Saturday, October 15, 2011

What's the Haps?

Still going to the lake...I didn't get to go this time...didn't think Colette would appreciate speeding around on a boat a few weeks after being born and there was no way I was putting on any kind of bathing suit...GROSS...but truthfully I was a little freaked out letting Colton go without me... but not only did he have Daddy to keep an eye on him...2 uncles (DeeDid-my brother David and Mock-new brother in-law Mark), and 2 cousins (Emma and Gabriel...Colton says their names too but not sure how to spell his interpretation of Gabriel:)!!
 Tailgating at the ASU vs. USC game {Go Devils}. Pop Pop and Gi Gi (my Dad and Glenna) were in town so Colton was in heaven! Colette mostly stayed in the air-conditioned Tahoe but when she woke up she of course wanted momma:)
My attempt at being crafty...still want to add some embellishments and need to actually hang in his room...but this was my first Mod Podge experience so no judging!
Little Miss Colette wants to be held and only by in order to get anything done...out comes the fact I'm "wearing" my little girl this very moment.
She was actually closer to 6 weeks in this pic but I forgot to order the stickers. She did not love this little photo shoot so this is one of the only pics where she isn't crying. I love how she holds her little arms up...she usually has them up by her face...when she isn't being swaddled...which she is most of the time:)
How fun is having a girl??????????? I {LOVE LOVE LOVE} the pink, the headbands, the tutus!!!!


kelly said...

you are still so darn cute!!!!!