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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our Princess

photography by Jacquilyn Avery...{love}

On August 20, 2011 at 8:10 PM our princess Colette Rosa Vega was born! And here is her story.

We knew we wanted to get pregnant again fairly soon after Colton was born and when he was 9 months old, the Saturday before Christmas, we found out we were expecting! Right away I felt different. I didn't experience nausea like I did with my little man and this time I had cravings...mostly fruit and juice...and sometimes pot roast:) So when we went for our ultra sound it was no surprise that there was a little girl cooking in my tummy. I had a great pregnancy...other than my last trimester being June-August....that was no fun...remind me not to do that again!

When I went in for my 39 week appointment on August 18 the nurse told me that my blood pressure was super high and that most likely the doctor would send me to the hospital that day. Well she was right!!! I definitely was ready to have this baby (August in Phoenix can you blame me??) but as I was driving to pick up Joe at work I felt so emotional...nervous, excited, relieved, anxious, and scared all wrapped into one. When we got to the hospital they did my blood work and determined that I would indeed be admitted because of preeclampsia. In some ways it was like dejavu...I mean it had only been 18 months since I went to the same hospital for my little Colton (kind of feels like I have been pregnant for 2 whole years:)). Both times they told me that my BP was scarily high and that I would have to go on magnesium sulfate to avoid seizing during labor...freaked me out with Colton but this time... no sweat! Luckily for me my body handles the mag fairly well but it can cause you to be extremely loopy and to have major hot flashes...sounds lovely, eh?

So the inducing began (NO FUN). I was only dilated to a 1 so first they put me on cervadil which is a 12 hour hormone that is supposed to help you dilate. During that 12 hours you just lay around...well I had to lay around because of my BP. So I caught up on Netflix (Mad Men has to be the dumbest show ever...only watched 3 episodes then I gave up) and told Joe to go to the gym, run errands, and go home to see our baby boy. I knew this little girl wouldn't be making her arrival anytime soon. After the 12 hours they checked to see my dilation wasn't we did 3 rounds of gels which are also supposed to help your progress with dilation...and they did...slightly....but only to a 4.

So now it is Friday and the next step is to put me on pitocin. I was on it for about 12 hours but wasn't really progressing and was still only a 4. So that night I had another round of cervadil. By Saturday morning I'm starting to feel a little discouraged. I had been stuck in this hospital bed, was feeling gross, and didn't think this baby would ever come!!! But there was a ray of light. In walked Dr. Williamson...the same doctor who delivered Colton. I was so happy to see her!!! I told her that I needed her to be my good luck charm and she assured me that she would be the one to deliver this baby!!! She put me at ease when I broke down about not wanting a c-section. She calmed me down though when she said she wasn't talking c-section so I didn't need to either. Neither the baby or I were in distress so we just needed to be patient. I mentioned to her that I was bummed that my freshly colored and washed hair was now gross after not having a shower in the last few days (I had my hair done the day before I was induced so it seemed like providence that I went to the hospital the next day...I love not having to do my own hair). So the smart doc told me to shower, freshen up, then we would start another round of pitocin and if that didn't do the trick she would break my water. So shower I did...well I wish I could say I did it on my own but I was still hooked up to my iv. So I had to swallow my pride and sit on a chair in the shower as Joe held the shower nozzle for me. Being pregnant and going through labor...for me....feels like a complete loss of dignity. But dignity aside it felt great to have clean hair and re-apply my makeup. I was feeling energized and ready to have some magic happen. 

So around 1pm they started me on pitocin again and at 5pm I heard/felt this sound/sensation and POP my water broke!!!!!!! I pushed the call button and with tears exclaimed the good news. The doc came in and said she was literally on her way to break my water for me!!!! They ordered my epidural right then...and I kind of felt like a wimp because up to this point the contractions had been very manageable...but that is because my water was cushioning the pain...but boy was I glad they ordered it when they did because by the time the anesthesiologist came in I was in a lot of pain! The epidural numbed my right side but not my left so that was bizarre (not fun at all) feeling contractions only on one finally they came and gave me another dose and this time I was numb on both sides!! Well my contractions were coming fast and strong and I could feel this baby starting to make her way out. I don't remember feeling that with Colton but I was in such excruciating pain and pushed for so long with him I think I was a little delirious. But sweet Colette only made me push a couple times and then voila...she made her grand appearance. Sweet little girl was 8 lbs. 0 oz and was 20 inches long. Just a half a pound bigger and longer than her little brother was. We noticed a pattern on her white board in the delivery room...08/20/10, 8 lbs, 20 inches, born at 20:10.

Baby Colette is 8 weeks old today and we are so in love {even by Big Brother was touch and go when we first brought her home but now he loves his baby}!! She is uber-squishy (95th percentile for weight at her 1 month check up), loves to be held by momma only, still sleeps a ton, lots of hair, noisy eater, skinny feet, and gets a million kisses a day!!!