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Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm Sew Excited

I turned the big 3-2 this year...yikes. But recently I have had this major urge to become more domestic!!! I am missing the crafting/creative gene...but I am determined to be MLM (more like Martha). Joe surprised me with this on my birthday...

YIKES....YEAH....all in the same breath!!!! When my step mom was out here last month I asked her to go the fabric store to help me pick out fabric for Colette's bedding and curtains in her room. I had some ideas in mind (see my pinterest board) but knew that I would be completely lost if I went by myself. My inspiration was this cute frame that my bestie in California made for my baby shower...sadly she didn't even get to come because she was on bedrest...but her twin boys Dexter and Davis (aka Colette's new boyfriends) have arrived and I can't wait to meet them!

So Sara, Glenna, Colette and I set our sights on Scrapbooks, Etc. (my new favorite store) to find some nursery cuteness. And wow....there was so much to pick from...and I am so this was no easy task. In the end I this was my selection! HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for it to be done:)

Together these fabrics are nursery MAGIC!!! And something she hopefully loves as a toddler too.   If not I will have to find a way to add a crib bumper to my bedding...that or have another baby girl:) But I know she will love it because it is ADORABLE!!!! The best part....besides falling in love with the fabric is that Glenna offered to come back next month to help me sew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was even before I had a sewing now I need to practice before she gets here....which  brings me to this....

I signed up for an online sewing class? (Who am I...Sewing????) Let's be honest...this is sew not me {smile} but if I want to MLM then I need to become one with my sewing machine and with a newborn and a toddler there is no way I'm going to make it out of the house for a sewing class so online seems to be the perfect solution. The class takes you through a set of projects that introduce new and more challenging skills each time. So far I have done the pre-work of buying my supplies and watching the start up I need some free time sans any awake kids to start sewing (guess I could be doing that now...but it feels nice to be blogging again). 

So I'm putting it out there...much like I did with this post...yeah still don't have those much for accountability...but hoping I see this project through with more commitment! And as a side note...despite my shred-worthy abs I have started working out again...and with more vigor than I did after baby #1. As of today I am wearing non-maternity pants...don't know about tomorrow...but feeling good about today...and if you got into your pre-pregnant jeans quicker DON'T BURST MY BUBBLE:)