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Saturday, October 29, 2011


I sewed!!!! And the end result isn't hideous! The project was called a drawstring gift bag. Really it is a small pillow case with a drawstring:) But how fun that I could quickly and fairly easily make cute pillowcases to spruce up a bed. It might have taken me hours and my back might have been killing me by the end and there might be a ton of imperfections but WHO CARES!!! I actually created something!! Silly me bought waaayyy too much material for this little project so I figure I will make a few more to see if I can perfect my skills before I move on to the next project! Something I learned...I cannot cut a straight line...must buy a cutting board!! Next project...cloth napkins...and will probably be the exact material as above. That is ok though I like color in the kitchen!


Castle Family said...

Great job, girlie!!

Coke & Butter said...

Very cute Melissa! It looks great! Once you get going it gets easier and easier :). Can't wait to see your next projects!