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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Colton Cruz

Where did he get his name? Well, Daddy came up with it. When we found out it was a boy Joe called me one day and asked me what I thought of the name Colton. I liked it so we added it to our list. While pregnant I never really thought of the baby by a particular name though. Probably because Joe kept coming up with such great names (I don’t think I came up with any). But we just couldn’t decide and would have a different favorite each week.
A few weeks before he was born, Joe asked what I thought of Colton Cruz. I loved it! It has such a great ring to it. And I love alliteration in names. But in my mind I still wanted to wait until he was born to decide for sure. Everyone kept saying “you’ll know when you see him.”
On the video of him minutes after he was born you can hear the nurse asking Joe what baby’s name was. He said he didn’t know but that we had some ideas like Colton. I can’t say that when I looked at him “I just knew what his name was” he was still just baby boy to me LOL. I am pretty indecisive as it is so I asked Joe what he thought it should be and Colton Cruz Vega it is.
Here are some pictures from his first few days of life:)DSC00262 DSC00264 DSC00287  



Hannah said...

He is super cute!! And his name is cute too! *wink*

Albert Andreas Armadillo said...

WOW--What great pictures!! Such an amazing little boy! Congrats!

Es said...

Love his name. (I have an Ethan Elias.) SUch a cute name and it fits him. He totally looks like a Colton Cruz!

The Brown Family said...

It is so fun to see YOUR baby and see you as a MOM! Isn't it crazy how your whole life changes in an instant yet it feels so perfectly meant to be? I am sorry your labor was so tough! You made it though and he is just perfect! Congrats!

Leigh said...

Congratulations! He's beautiful.

Mrs. Lyndsee said...

I have so much catching up on your blog to do....I know what my evening plans will be consisting of this evening.....YOUR BLOG! And all these adorable pictures of my nephew! LOVE YOU!

kelly said...

i am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!