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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How Cute are These?!?!?

byu shoe

Bottom line our kids are going to be conflicted. When it comes to college football Ohio State is my number one. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….I bleed scarlet and gray! It is in my blood….I can’t deny who I am. So I feel obligated to make my kids love the Buckeyes too.

I obviously didn’t choose Ohio State for college though. I chose BYU. I LOVE BYU. Rise and shout the Cougars are Out!! And no question…I want my kids to go to BYU. I don’t think there is a better school and the experiences they can have there are priceless!

Now to make things even more complicated….we live in Arizona and Joe loves the Sun Devils. Heck, even I enjoy a good ASU game. So needless to say…our kids are going to get confused on which school to love the most!

But look how cute these shoes are?!?! And the website I found didn’t sell ASU or OSU so that makes one decision easy I guess:)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Baby Balooga

So far this has been a great pregnancy! I really can’t complain….ok the nausea at the beginning was hellacious so I can complain a little bit. But otherwise… no heartburn, no stretch marks (I’m sure it is inevitable that I will get them but I faithfully apply cocoa butter lotion), no acne (ok, maybe a few pimps here and there but nothing major), no throwing up (except that once), and no cravings (I always imagined these intense cravings where I would have to have black olives or else but nothing like that at all). I feel like a whale but besides that I feel pretty good about things!

Our little guy is moving around a ton which is really fun to experience. I only feel him down low though…really low….like below my waste band. So until he stretches out no one will get to feel the baby kick:) No kicks to the ribs yet but I’m sure that is just around the corner. I am 25 weeks today which means only 3 more weeks until the 3rd trimester. In some ways it feels like time is flying but at the same time creeping slowly along. I am excited for him to come but there is still so much to do to prepare first.

We registered at Buy Buy Baby which was a blast. They are owned by the same company as Bed Bath and Beyond which is where we registered for our wedding. We loved the service so we thought we would go with them again. Plus we can use those 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond coupons that always come in the mail at Buy Buy Baby!

We decided to go with a baby jungle animal theme for the nursery. Here is the cute bedding we picked.


Here are some tummy shots of me at 23 weeks.

23 weeks 2 23 weeks

More Memories of the Birthday Weekend

What Celeb Bash happens without a little Swag!P1020971

Notice my Dad in the background watching the OSU game. He said he would be happy to help as long as the game could be on at the same time:) Amber showing off her swag bag making skills. What can’t she do?!?!?


A view of the yard as the magic starts to happen! We loved the drapery so much that it stayed up even after the party!P1020976 

The Party Goddess herself! Rejli Wodecki is an AMAZING party planner. She is a friend of ours from when we lived in South Phoenix and then she got a job at UOP and Joe is her boss. She was kind enough to lend her creativity our way.


So I was told that during the day while the house was being set up Sara went back and forth to Target, Party City and a few other stores about a million times that day. Thanks sis for all you did!


I love this pic because you get a great feel for the layout. So that table hovering over the pool is where my fab cake was displayed. The two couches were the VIP areas. At night the fire pots were on as well to make the VIP areas extra VIP. And then the far grassy end is where the tables were set up for people to eat. This yard is amazing for entertaining!


The backyard Cat Walk


Uh oh, Somebody caught Sara taking a break. Maybe she was tired from all those Target trips:)P1020985

Fake Slacking!


We need a break!!!


The Bar/Karaoke/Lights being set up. Our friend Jason has the coolest light system. A little birdie told me that he used my party as an excuse to buy a fancy new laser light that he had been wanting:) It was pretty awesome so no complaints here!

Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 024

Joe working his tail off! I don’t know he pulled off such an amazing night! I’m sure it was so stressful but he looks pretty happy in this pic!!! The things you do for love:)

Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 017

Amber dirtying herself up. She is the most wholesome girl I know so it was great to see her in her nose ring, tattoos, and sassy outfit. Her husband thinks I’m a “bad” influence on her but she did this all on her own!!!P1020993   

Love these girls!


Our two Amy Winehouses. They didn’t find out that they had planned the same costume until they were getting ready! They were both HOT STUFF though!



The Oreganos’ Guy setting up all the food. Joe did a great job of ordering. There were some leftovers but not tons! Sadly I hardly ate anything that night because I was too busy saying hello to everyone. It was like our wedding:) It is tough work being the guest of honor:)

Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 019    

Here is a view of the front yard during the day. This was such a cool entrance with the roped off area and the lights! I felt like I was entering a super hip club:)

Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 021


Ok, these pics are some of my favorites! Amber and Sara wanted to get the true essence of the train wreck that the real Amy Winehouse is:) LOL!!!

 P1030002 P1030003 P1030004 P1030005    P1030009 P1030010 

P1030027 P1030019 P1030020    P1030024   P1030023

Friends waiting for my arrival! The very pregnant girl is my friend from work Leslie Grimm. She is only about 2 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy but she is about 5 inches shorter than me and is having TWINS:) Love that belly!

 Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 170

My brother David the photographer! Wig and White Suit compliments of Joe:)

Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 148

Me and Glenna! Love her and lucky to have 2 great mom’s!

Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 338

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fabulous 30

Hands down I have the best husband in the whole world! You can try and argue with me but that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!

In July of 2005 my sweet hubby turned 30. We had only been married a little over a year but I knew it was my wifely duty to throw him a fab party! I didn't just want to throw him any old party but I wanted it to be a surprise party! I came up with the idea to throw him a luau themed bash. So the planning began! I created an evite, secretly bought decorations from Oriental Trading, ordered food from his favorite Hawaiian restaurant, hired Polynesian fire dancers to come and perform and in the midst of all that kept it 100% a secret from Joe! Well the night was a success! He was surprised, we had a great turn out, and overall I felt like I had pulled off an amazing party. Ever since then I have told Joe that he owes me big time! I never let him forget that I threw him this party and that when the time came I expected something equally as cool.

Well my does not even begin to describe the soiree that Joe put together for my 30th birthday! He way outdid any measly luau that I put together! Bless his heart, he thought of EVERYTHING!!! No detail was forgotten! And the night was one that we will talk about for years and years to come. Not everyone was able to make it and for those of you that missed it...well...YOUR LOSS!!!! Pictures and words can't even describe the amazingess that was my 30th birthday party but I will do my best to recreate it for you in this blog post!!! To those of you who helped make this day one of the most amazing of my life THANK YOU!!!

So obviously the party was not a surprise. Since I had been telling Joe for years that I wanted a party he knew he couldn't get away with pretending he had forgotten. Since the party itself wasn't a surprise I requested that the details be left a secret. To help make this bash extra special my Dad and Stepmom flew out to AZ and so did my Mom!!! It was such a blast having them here and having them meet my friends!

On the day of the actual party I was told I had to be out of the house by 10 AM and I wasn't to be back until 6:30. No problem!! My mom and I met up for mani/pedis and lunch and after that I hit the mall!!! After a few hours of shopping and browsing I went to the MAC counter at Nordstrom (my happy place) and had my make up done! I love make up and think I do a pretty good job of applying it on my own but I wanted to look extra special for my par-tay. And as always the MAC girl did not let me down!!!

I was told that I wasn't actually supposed to go home after this but instead I was to get ready at our friends house who live in our neighborhood. What came next is a series of events that left me speechless, grinning from ear to ear and completely overwhelmed in the best way possible!!!

So we go outside to leave and I see a stretch limo roll up!! The door opens and I see this handsome devil-my husband dressed as Slash!

Ok, so at this point I don't know what to think but there is excitement in the air! I get in the limo and I start to see familiar faces! My Dad and Stepmom are there looking all dolled up, then I see my mom also looking quite fab! But then there are a few other people I start to notice...with wigs on! First I recognize my good friends Jason and Jenny Burrell from work. They are dressed as Dog the Bounty Hunter and Rachel Zoe! And then I'm looking around and see this girl at the end of the limo. It takes me a minute....but then I realize it is my very bestest friend Amber who flew down from Utah to surprise me!!!!! She was dressed as Amy Winehouse so it took my brain a minute to figure it all out!! I had NO idea she was coming down so I was laughing and crying as we are driving around in this decked out limo!!!

So we roll up to our house and I see...wait for lights in the sky!!!!!! I think at that point I squealed, clapped and said "those are for me?!?" I had actually seen the lights in the sky as I was driving to our friends house. I thought they looked awfully close but little did I know they were outside of my house!!!

Not only are there searchlights in front of my house but a cheering mob of "fans" are there clapping and cheering for me!!! There was a huge group of my friends outside of my house and many dressed as celebrities!! Not to mention paparazzi (my talented photographer brother David) to take our pics as we get out of the limo. And then anyone who wanted got to climb through the limo for their own celeb moment!

   Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 192  Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 195 Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 196  Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 198 

My handsome Dad, Me and JoeMelissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 200  

The very fashionable Rachel ZoeMelissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 203

Bet you didn’t know I was friends with DOG!    Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 207

My beautiful mom!

Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 209   

My other beautiful mother!Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 213

The talented, the gorgeous, the one and only Amber Watson  as Amy Winehouse

Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 214   

Notice the red carpet! Fancy!!

Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 218 Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 219 

Our niece Reyna and Joe’s sis SarahMelissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 221 

Penelope Cruz (Joe’s cousin Amy) and Kim Kardashian (Joe’s sister Sarah) joined us for the evening!Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 223    

Lief and Nikkel Nielsen AKA Sharon and Ozzy! Rock on!Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 228

Ryan and Ashley Jaten…as the good looking people that they are naturally

Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 263  

Brad as Elton John and his real life wife Cindy:)

Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 233

My adorable sister Sara as Amy Winehouse and her date Obama. I wonder what Michelle thinks??!?

Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 234   

More Rock Star Friends-Denise Moreno and boyfriendMelissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 238    

Poor Gavin Rossdale! Gwen decided to bring Johnny Knoxville as her date! Kami and Tim you guys were hot stuff!

Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 243    

Cecilia Melo and her husband Dustin aka Bangelina!Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 248       

The Bradshaws with their cute little Ruby

Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 256 

Scott and Rejli Wodecki-Dog the Bounty Hunter and his Wife! SASSY!!!

Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 258    

Does she look old enough to have a 30 year old daughter? I think not!

Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 271 

My Father in Law looking spiffy in his suit!Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 265     

Ok, phew! A lot of pictures! And this is only the beginning of the party!

Our backyard was transformed into the coolest VIP area you could imagine! Our couches were OUTSIDE by the pool, the bar was stocked with every mocktail/mocktini ingredient you could think of, the food was catered from Oreganos (one of my all time favorite restaurants), there were lights strung through the trees, another red carpet, a dance floor, a DJ, swag bags, outdoor drapery that Amber and my stepmom whipped up that day, an amazing cake, and friends EVERYWHERE!! It was absolutely magical!!!!

Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 001

Oh and did I mention that we had performers?!?!? Joe hired a b-b0y crew to come and put on a performance!! I felt like we were watching America’s Best Dance Crew!!  Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 439 Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 440           Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 451

  Me and Karinne my old neighbor who is also pregnant!Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 456

At one point in the night we had a red carpet cat-walk where some of the celebs got to strut their stuff!! Ow ow!!!

   The President of The United States of America!Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 477     

Sara a cutie Amy Winehouse. Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 485         

                Marilyn and her Dapper DateMelissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 511       

      Peg and Al BundyMelissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 525          

Dog and his Wife! 

Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 539   

Sharon and Ozzy

Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 544    

A Sassy and Classy Amy Winehouse  Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 551      

Rock on! The man who made this night possible!!Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 565

  Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 569  

Slash making sure everyone knew who the Daddy is:)Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 572    

The Godfather

Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 577

Even animated characters made it to the party!Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 579      

Brad and Angelina left the kids at home but so glad they could make it to our little event!     Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 591    

Clark Kent and a sassy Lois LaneMelissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 596  





Marilyn Monroe…all the way from BrazilMelissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 614      

Uh Oh…Slash in trouble by Dog the Bounty HunterMelissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 621    

The crowd watching the cat walk show!  Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 628

Karen Hinkle as Audrey HeburnMelissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 629 










Jared and Rosie Wright as Ryan Seacrest and Kat Von D-HOT STUFF

Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 637                    

Our Baby Boy making his first runway debut         Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 658

The Birthday Girl! Who knew 30 would be so fabulous?Melissa_Rahr_Vega_Birthday 667

Well these are just some of the great pictures from that night. There will definitely be more to come!

{My Oscar Winning Speech}

Thank you to my dearest Joe who put on the best party that I think pretty much anyone has EVER been to! He is the best husband any girl could ask for! I hope you know how much I love you! Thank you to my best friend and sister Sara for helping him with all the planning and implementing! Thank you to my parents for flying out here and for all your help! Thank you to Amber, my best friend since we were 4 for flying down here to surprise me. Thank you to Rejli Wodecki (the Bounty Hunter’s wife) for lending her party planning expertise! And thank you to all of you who came in my honor and made this a night that will never be forgotten!