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Friday, October 9, 2009

1st Pregnancy Puke

Today was a big milestone for me as a preggers. I PUKED!!!! Now don't get me wrong...I would have been perfectly happy to go 9 months without throwing up but now I feel like I've "joined the club." Hopefully it will be the first and last time though:) I believe it was the smell of the garbage that did me in. It came on so suddenly that I didn't think it was really happening but it very quickly became a reality so to the toilet I raced!!

Other exciting baby updates is I feel the little guy moving!!! It doesn't feel like a jab or a kick yet...more like a little amoeba moving around:) I absolutely love it because it is like he is reminding me he is there and wanting to say "hi." Joe can't wait until he can feel it too. Sometimes he likes to put his ear to my belly to see if he can hear anything:)

Still no name or bedding picked out for our little man though. Last Saturday I left the house with a plan to get a pedicure, buy maternity clothes and scout out baby stuff. Well I got the first two accomplished, but I was so worn out by the time I left the mall that sadly Babies R' Us was out of the question. Maternity clothes shopping is EXHAUSTING...and frustrating. Not only are maternity clothes hard to find...but they are EXPENSIVE too!!! Luckily I found some cute jeans at the GAP. I haven't shopped at the GAP in years but looks like they get my business again!! Motherhood Maternity is a necessary evil I guess. I found some black pants and a black skirt there that are pretty cute but a lot of other stuff there just seemed tacky (sorry to anyone who loves that store). Pea in the Pod is located in North Scottsdale so it is very inconvenient to go there not to mention overpriced. Part of my problem is I haven't popped out enough to wear anything that isn't form fitting. Shirts that just hang are not so cute on me which is fine but they sell more of the flowy shirts. Errrgg! So I have found that for now a lot of my pre-maternity shirts work as long as I have my pants with the magic tummy panel!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Heart October

This has to be one of my favorite months out of the whole year. As I read other people's blogs and facebooks I have found that I'm not alone in this love of October! Here are some of the reasons.
Football Season

Apple Cider and Doughnuts!

The changing of the leaves, the sound, the smell....I sure miss that!

My Birthday, October 6th!! I love my birthday, absolutely LOVE it. This year I am turning the big 3-0. It is hard to believe that the time has finally come!! This year Joe is throwing me a big bash on the 10th. It is a pseudo-surprise which makes it even more fun. For Joe's 30th I threw him a big surprise Luau birthday party. It was very stressful to plan but it was soo fun and it turned out to be an awesome party!!! So ever since then I have told Joe that he owes me...big time:) Well he has been super M.I.A lately so I know he is coming through. Since the party itself isn't a surprise the details of it are. My Mom is even coming out for it and so is my Dad and Step mom. If any of you haven't received your invite yet then give me your email address and I will pass it on to Joe. The more the merrier!

Halloween decorations...I don't feel like I have enough though so I will continue to scout out spooky skulls, ghosts and witches!

Pumpkin everything-muffins, cookies, candy, pie, shakes, etc. etc. So delicious!

Halloween Candy-Why are miniature twix and kit kats so darn good? And boy am I a sucker for candy corn and pumpkins! But only the original as pictured below. I don't like the brown candy corn!Cooler weather-while it is still fairly warm in AZ, night time brings on just enough chill for a hoodie or a cute sweater. Now that my belly is expanding I might have to buy some maternity hoodies. Darn...I hate excuses to shop:):) This one looks cute!!

Baby Boy

Here is our sweet baby's profile. He has gotten so big since the last time we saw him!Same pic, just rotated for a different angle. Can't wait to kiss that sweet face!
Any idea what this is a pic of??
If you are still stumped read the fine print:)
And here is his sweet little foot. Long and skinny like his mommy's foot or wide like daddy's? We'll see:)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Frogs And Snails And Puppy Dog Tails

That's what little boys are made of! That's right...this cute little baby making my tummy expand is a cute little BOY!!!!!!

{thank goodness for bella bands that hold up my un-buttoned pants each day}
Admittedly I always pictured myself having a girl first because I love all things girly, but I couldn't be happier to know that we are having a son!! I'm already smitten with him and I've only seen him in black and white:) My love of pink and bows will have to be used on my little Fi Fi. She doesn't mind...too much:)
At my last doctor's visit they said I could just schedule my ultra sound and next regular appointment for the same day. But that would have meant waiting a whole extra week to find out the gender. Silly doctors! I would happily come in two weeks in a row just so I could find out as soon as possible!!! Besides seeing very clearly that our bundle of joy is a little boy everything else checked out perfectly in the ultra sound. His heart, brain, lungs, stomach, fingers, toes, lips and nose are all just as they should be!! We have some great pics that I will post as soon as Joe brings them back from work. He is quite the proud poppa already and wants to show everyone pics of our little guy!
Other exciting news is these last few days I have started to feel baby boy Vega move around!! It is such a funny feeling but I love it. I feel like subconsciously I am always waiting to feel him move. But I'm sure soon enough it will no longer be a little flutter and I will be very aware of him all of the time:)
This week we received our very first baby present. One of the girls that works for me brought me this little blue box from The Children's Place. I was sooo excited to open it...who doesn't love presents!?!?! When I opened it I found an adorable pair of overalls, a puppy dog bib, onesies and little socks. I wasn't prepared for the tears that accompanied the present though. I was suddenly so overwhelmed, that these little tiny clothes would soon fit my little tiny baby, MY little tiny baby.
So now that we know we are having a boy it is time to pick a name and go shopping!!! This weekend I want to hit up Babies R' Us, Buy Buy Baby and USA Baby to scope out bedding among other things! I have no idea what theme I want to go with! I will try very hard not to buy much but if something is too cute to pass up then maybe a little splurge here or there wouldn't hurt:) I can't wait until it is time to register for baby showers!!! I don't know how long I can wait:)