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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Optimus Prime

Today I am 12 weeks and 5 days pregnant!! Sometimes I feel like time is flying and all I can think about is the getting to the next milestone in my pregnancy. Other days time seems to drag and I'm appreciative because there is so much to do before our little one arrives. This week we had a big decision to make. Do we or don't we go for the Nuchal Translucency screening test. The purpose is to measure your baby's risk for the possibility of Down's Syndrome and few other chromosomal disorders. The test consists of a high powered ultra-sound and some accompanying blood work. I never really considered myself high risk for chromosomal disorders but I didn't want to pass up an ultra sound where we might be able to find out or get an idea of the baby's gender. We had a few reservations about the test only because we knew people that had tested with false positives and therefore worried over nothing. In the end...we decided to do it!!! If our baby really did have one of these disorders I would want to know so I could prepare.

The doctor I have been seeing has 2 offices. Once in Mesa and one in Ahwatukee. I had been to the Mesa office because it was slightly closer but the high tech ultra sound machine was located in Ahwatukee. Let's just say that from now on I will be traveling to the Tuke because that office is so so nice!!! We went straight back to the ultra sound room and there was a big flat screen tv on the wall that they use as the monitor. The tech nurse was the sweetest lady ever!! She kept telling us how cute our baby was:) And of course we agreed. We saw its cute little hands and toes, arms and legs and of course we just thought everything was amazing:) Well, the baby was not in the needed position so after measuring our baby (7 cm) and taking a look around she told me to lay on my side which might get the baby to move. So I did that but baby wasn't budging. So the next tactic was to drink some grape juice. Well that did the trick. As soon as I drank the juice the baby started fidgeting around and even got the hiccups. It was about the darn cutest thing I have ever seen. It will be amazing when I actually get to feel those hiccups. So, once the baby was in position she was able to measure the spot on its neck and it measured way below 2 mm which is great!!! So without the bloodwork we are assuming that all is good. Our little one seems to be right on track with where it needs to be!!

The nurse who thought our baby was so cute kept printing pictures for us so we left with about 10 different shots. Here is a profile shot that I just love!! Such a sweet little baby!!!!

This next picture shows a side of our baby I wasn't expecting...

Ummm, does anyone else see the resemblance? Yes, my baby looks like a TRANSFORMER!!! That is ok, it is the cutest darn transformer I have ever seen:)

So did we get to find out the gender?? Nope!!! Little one had its legs crossed the entire time!!! I was a little disappointed but what are you going to do! We will have to wait about 6 more weeks to find out if we will be buying pink or blue! In the meantime I am going to be holding pencils and rings over my belly and spitting on crystal Draino to see what the universe is telling me. The Chinese conception chart tells me it is a girl. My mom is telling me it is a boy. The Intelligender kit that I bought at Walgreens...well it was confused...which is my fault because I forgot to check the results after 1o minutes. I know there is no full proof guesstimator but it is fun to speculate!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Little Kicker

Today I am 12 weeks and 1 day pregnant!! 2nd Trimester here I come!!! I am looking forward to hopefully more energy and less nausea! I'm still not "showing" so I'm looking forward to that as well. I bought my first pair of maternity pants this weekend. I guess I don't need them quite yet but my regular pants are getting a little snug so I figured it would be a nice option for work.

Last week I had my 2nd doctor's appointment. We went at 11 weeks and 3 days so the doctor wanted to see if we could hear the heart beat. She used a hand held device where she pressed the wand on my lower stomach and we were supposed to hear 2 heart beats....mine and the babies. She tried and tried for a while, well it seemed like forever, but couldn't pick up the babies heart beat. Joe said that he wanted to grab the wand out of her hand and try himself. He retrained himself though:) I was trying not to worry but of course I had a million thoughts racing through my head. She seemed calm though and explained that sometimes at 11 weeks it is still too early to hear.

The doctor said since we couldn't hear the baby we would get to take a look at it again. So she brought in the ultra sound machine and I waited with bated breath!!!! But there it was....our sweet little baby, much bigger this time and now it was kicking its little legs and moving its little arm buds. I think our adorable baby just wanted us to see it again and show us its new tricks:). And of course we saw the little fluttering heart beat just as strong as it needed to be. It is so amazing to see a little tiny baby that is inside of ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Seeds and Spots

So as of today I am 10 weeks and 1 day pregnant! It is funny how you want something so much and then when it comes you are kind of miserable:( Sadly that is what I have been experiencing for the past few weeks. My worst symptom has been the constant, never-ending, never-ceasing, always present NAUSEA. Boooo. How annoying and frustrating and wearing and constant.....did I mention it never goes away? Well I know it could be worse so I shouldn't complain too much:) I have not thrown up once!!!! That I am thankful for. Well, I finally lost my mind a couple weeks ago and literally cried all day long (I'm sure that won't be the last time that happens:)). I think the nausea actually started to make me crazy. I decided at this point I would do anything for some relief. I started taking ginger pills, Vitamin B6, Preggie Pops (suckers/lozenges), Morning Sick Magic (B6/Ginger/Raspberry Leaf combo) and finally I made an appointment to do acupuncture. I was a little nervous about going because typically needles and I are NOT friends. It was pretty painless though and I plan to go back during the next few weeks. She placed the needles on the tops of my feet, insides of my feet under my ankles, my shins, wrists, tummy, forehead and top of my head. Then basically you lay there for 20 minutes on a massage table and let the healing energy do its magic. After she removed the needles she gave me ear seeds. Literally they are seeds on very sticky adhesive that she puts on pressure points in your ear to help with the nausea. So since then I have to report that I feel a TON better. I still feel a little icky from time to time. But I actually feel like a semi-normal human being again. My co-workers were starting to worry where the old Melissa went....Joe probably thought the same thing he just knows better than to say anything! So who knows if it was timing, the herbs, the acupuncture, or the seeds, or a combination of them all? I don't know and I don't care. I'm just glad for some relief!
I am not showing yet BUT I do have this weird spot on my hand. I call it my pregnancy spot. I'm not sure what week it popped up but I always stare it. If you look at the bottom right hand corner of my hand you will see a dark spot that looks like a bruise. I know it is random but for some reason it is so fascinating to me. Probably wouldn't be so fascinating if it popped up on my upper lip or something:)
Well there is my pregnancy update. I go for my next appointment on the 11th and I'm curious how much longer my pants will button. I fully plan to invest in some Bella Bands when they start to get a little tight though. I might have to go buy some looser tops though. Even though I don't have a cute belly bump yet I am definitely starting to expand so my cute shirts are not so cute anymore.