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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Belly Laughs

This book was recommended to me by another friend who is pregnant. Any mommy or mom to be would get a kick out of this read. Jenny McCarthy is very candid and a bit irreverent but it had me laughing out loud over and over! I feel like Joe should maybe read it so he can be prepared but on the other hand.....he might be scarred for life! Yeah, maybe I'll just paraphrase for him!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hey Baby!

Here is the first snapshot of our lil sweetie!! WE ARE PREGNANT and couldn't be happier!!! For those of you are looking at the picture above and thinking it looks like a blur....I understand:) And, no there are not two babies in there. The round circle is the yolk sac which provides essential nutrients for the baby at this stage in gestation. The baby is under the yolk sac. At the time of the ultra sound I was 7 weeks and 3 days.

So how did we get to this point? Well...I don't think anyone needs a lesson on the birds and the bees but here is our story:) I come from a pretty big family and always knew that I wanted to be a mommy! But when we got married I just didn't' feel it. For years I didn't feel the urge, the promptings, the maternal heart strings...none of it. I wasn't worried about it though. I knew that when it was the right time I would know. I don't remember when it actually started to hit me but it was definitely in 2008. I didn't realize I wanted a baby but my body knew. I found myself tearing up when others would talk about getting pregnant or would show off pics of their newborns. So we began talking about when we would be ready but the logistics of adding a baby to our already crazy life just didn't seem possible. But when the thought of having a baby consumed my every thought I realized that the decision was up to me and I realized I needed to have more faith! A lot can happen in a year and even though life was crazy at the time I didn't have a crystal ball and couldn't anticipate what our lives would be like by the time a baby would actually arrive. So it took 8 months of being off the pill for us to get pregnant and although life is still crazy we couldn't be happier!

Well every month seemed like a waiting game. But up until this point the wait always ended up in disappointment. I started to feel weird the Thursday before Father's Day. I felt achy and shaky, like I was getting the flu...but with no congestion. On top of that I was on fire but when I took my temperature I had no fever. So this went on for a couple days and then Sunday morning I woke up feeling sick to my stomach. I finally decided to take a test but was sure I was jumping the gun. I just felt so weird and bleh that I figured if I was PG then the test would surely show it. Well Joe wasn't home when I took it so when the two little lines showed up I was just in complete shock. This wasn't the first time I had taken a test and was so used to getting a negative result so a positive brought tears and screams and laughs all in one. So here is the tricky part. We were having family over that day for Father's Day and I knew if I told Joe he would spill the beans to everyone. I didn't want to tell anyone yet so I waited ALL day with this little secret inside. After everyone had left Joe came in the room and asked me if deep down I knew I was pregnant. This threw me off guard because all day I knew but didn't tell a soul....well actually I did tell my dog Fiona:) And then he looked at me funny and asked said "wait, did you already take a test?" So I told him there was a Father's Day present for him on his side of the bed. Inside a gift bag was a cleaned off pee stick!! Needless to say he was ecstatic and it was so fun to have our private little moment where we realized we were going to become parents.

So, we are due February 27th and are hoping to find out the sex at our next ultra sound on August 18th. Our first ultra sound was so amazing. All of a sudden the doctor says "there's your baby." Wow!! Those words brought me to tears. I had a baby...inside of me:) And then there was the little heartbeat going so so so fast!!

We can't wait to share our journey with you!! I can tell you so far I have not thrown up at all which is a bonus. But on the down side I am nauseous 24/7 and no I'm not exaggerating. I wish I was but the stomach ache never goes away UNLESS I am eating. But eating is the last thing I want to do so I force myself to do it! I am hoping this doesn't last for the next 7 months!