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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ok so blogging from phone is more like sending a text 2 your blog OR making a status update on Facebook or Twitter.This is kinda fun!One more reason 2 heart BB.

Test blogging from my Blackberry....can it be that I can blog from my phone? Well now there really is no excuse not to. Then again I have a character limit:(

Friday, May 29, 2009

How Did I Live Without You?

My Blackberry that is. I resisted buying one for so long merely for the fact that I didn't want to spend money on a new phone. But fate intervened when my cell phone kicked the bucket the Blackberry Curves were on sale. WHY ON EARTH DID I WAIT SO LONG. People raved about them and I thought they were exaggerating. I mean come great can a cell phone actually be?? Now those with iPhones definitely have me beat on coolness but 1. I don't have AT&T and don't want to leave Verizon and 2. iPhones don't work well for girls with acrylic nails. So back to the Crackberry....I mean do I love thee? Let me count the ways.....
1. Google Maps-not only can you pinpoint where you are but you can do local searches and even turn on GPS navigation. Sweet! I can always find the nearest QT or Sonic now.
2. Facebook-love that I can update my status and check up on all my friends with just a few clicks. Boy this comes in handy when I am stuck in line somewhere or bored in the car.
3. Email-Email me any time and I can read and reply whenever I have time!
4. QWERTY key board-makes texting and emailing a dream
5. Internet-I am addicted to Google so now I can google anytime, anyplace!
6. Camera-The Blackberry actually has a decent camera with a flash that helps me capture fun moments like these...
My tire blowing on the freeway. Not so fun but luckily when I took it in they found a lot of other things that needed repairing before my warranty expired.

My anniversary present from Joe. Love you sweetie!This sign was so random and in a pretty nice side of town so it struck me as ironic and I had to snap a pic.Sara was helping us move (who knew this would be such a frequent occurrence) and I made her put on Joe's head lamp. I mocked him when he started buying them but I have to say they can be pretty handy....and make for funny pics.Doesn't she look happy??My Dad and Glenna sent Joe this King of the Grill Apron that he finally gets to use now that we have a grill again!!! This was pre washing machine incident when he could use both hands to cook.This was the moment I was dreading....1oo,ooo miles means no more extended service warranty on the Beemer:( That means I have to actually start paying for oil changes, breaks, and anything else that goes wrong. 2 days after we hit 100K, the parking break went out and I had to pay to fix it. Booooooo. Knock on wood that is the only thing that goes bad. Hopefully she stays nice and healthy for me so I don't have to shell out any big bucks.And then there are the self-portraits. I don't know what it is but I take pictures of myself....frequently. I can't help it. Easily amused? Vain? Bored? Who knows. But I know I'm not the only one that does this.....right???? :O)

So there you have it. Thanks to my phone you have a random sampling of our lives captured via the Blackberry!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Joe vs. The Washing Machine

A little over a month ago we moved....again:) We love the house we are in and just adore the neighborhood. The Encanto District is this historical gem located in downtown Phoenix. I have to give Joe all the credit for finding it because I had no idea it even existed. The houses are all so different and charming with lush lawns, huge trees, gorgeous flowers, etc. You honestly don't even feel like you are in AZ.

A week after we move in I started to realize that the laundry I was doing smelled really musty and mildewy. Gross. Nothing beats the smell of fresh laundry so this was really bugging me. Well, our landlords had left their front loader washer and dryer for us to use. I was super excited about that because I hear they are all the rave. Come to find out front loader washers can give your clothes that mildewy smell if you don't follow certain precautions. So one night we are out to dinner with a friend and I am explaining my frustration. Voila he has a solution because they too have a front loader and had the same problem. He told me that all we need to do is loosen this drain that is in the front and let out the excess water. So we get home and lo and behold....there is the drain. I try to loosen it but it is on there pretty tight so Joe gives it a try. Even he is struggling with he gets down on his hands and knees and puts all of his muscle into it...he finally gets it and SLIP the top of his hand slams into the metal casing around the drain. As soon as it happened he knew he would need stitches. Luckily we live right by a hospital so he was able to get into triage within about 1o minutes of the incident.
To make a long story short he severed 3 of his extensor tendons in his right hand and had to have surgery to get them re-attached. He has to wear a split for 6 weeks and afterwards will begin physical therapy. His 6 weeks is almost up and he is starting to get some movement back...thank goodness. We are hoping for a full recovery but who knows how long that could take.
Here is a little look into his journey. The pics aren't too gory but still a little bloody.
This is Joe with the look of "I can't believe this is happening to me" Poor Guy:(

Luckily Joe only got a few drops of blood on his favorite Modern Amusement shorts. As he was sitting in the chair waiting to go back for x-rays I took advantage of the paper towels and cold water to get the blood out!!

Do you see any tendons??? Luckily he didn't go deep enough to damage any nerves!

Getting stitched I did not take this picture or else I probably would have passed out. Thank goodness Ryan was with us that night. Not only was he entertaining but he was able to document Joe's pain and suffering for us.

Only 6 stitches...but 4 days later they took them out anyway so that they could do surgery! Poor Joe had never had surgery before so he was a little nervous. We didn't find out until he was there in his hospital gown that they would actually have to intubate him. He was a champ though and handled the surgery like a pro.

Bandaged, doped up and ready to go home!

Here is his swollen and mangled hand a few days after surgery. I didn't get queasy during this whole ordeal until he took his bandage off and we started to clean his hand. I don't know if it was the smell or the thought of me hurting him that did it but I let the nurse take over so that I didn't pass out. I have a hard time with the thought of pain. Just thinking about it makes me light headed.

So there you have it. Curses to that stupid washing machine. We glare at it every time we walk by it or use it.

When I Grow Up I Wanna Be Famous

Oops I Did it Again.....I'm a Slave For You.....Toxic.....Womanizer....Gimme More.....Piece of Me....Boys....Baby One More Time-Need I say more??? Classics by the great Britney Spears:) The girls and I had a fab girls weekend of eating, laying out and the Pussy Cat Dolls/Britney Spears concert.

Before we got to see our beloved Brit Brit in concert we dined at the Tuck Shop. It is a hipster spot in Phoenix that claimed family size portions. The food was good...definitely frou frou....but let's just say that we were still hungry when we left so after the concert we hit up In-N-Out!!
Lyndsee and Mel! Bff's since 1997! We met Freshman year at BYU in a family science class! Thank goodness for Scott Rodriguez, the guy in our class she was trying to avoid so she started talking to me:)

Hil and Jaimi looking hot and sassy!! I became BFF's with these gals in 2000 I think. Jaimi and I had a class together at BYU....Drama for Elementary School Teachers. I had a crazy roommate at the time and was looking for a place to move. So I asked her if she needed an extra roommate. She didn't have room in her apartment but her neighbor did so I moved in!!!! Condo Row baby!! 2 Hot Blonde's and 2 Smokin' Brunettes ready to channel our inner teenager
Behind us on stage are the Pussy Cat Dolls! Meow!! They were H.O.T. and they sung live!!
Britney's album was the Circus. So the whole concert followed that theme. AMAZING and a little freaky:)

Britney channeling her inner SlumdogCheck out the packed stadium!! We actually had great lower level seats that we bought the day of!!! Nothing like waiting until the last minute. We were so worried we wouldn't get in. But we were not going to let anything keep us from this show!

Britney whipping those extensions around. Work it girl!

I am so so so so glad that Lyndsee, Chris and Chico drove all the way from Santa Fe, New Mexico to hang out with us!!! We are lucky to have such great friends...even if some of them are scattered across various states.

Lyndsee is the queen of photo ops! I need to learn all of her sassy poses:)

Girl Crew

I consider myself very lucky to have such a great job in this crazy economy. Not only do I have a steady income and job security but I have girlfriends at work that I don't know what I would do without! We have had a chance to travel together to San Diego and Dallas and both trips we had a blast!! Funny story about these girls...the nickname they have given me at work is Vegsters. I told Joe that I had a nickname and he thought I was just being silly or trying to sound cool:( Well at one of these work events he kept hearing "Vegsters" everywhere we went and he realized "awww, my wife actually does have work friends." Here are a few of the ladies that are in the "Girl Crew."

Leslie Grimm and I are surprise soul sisters. We are always amazed how much we have in common. I heart this girl and hope we are friends for life!

Jen Beane is a crack up. This girl can bust a move on the dance floor!

Nicolette Miller is one of the FUNNIEST gals I know! We bonded when our offices were in the same building. She is good people!

Jenny Burrell is one of the kindest, sweetest girls I have ever known. She is the type of person that people just love because she is so genuine and sincere. She just makes you feel good when you are around her!

Kristen Griffin is a classy, sassy gal and has a killer yoga bod!!

Leslie, Brenna, Me and Nicolette on our Dinner Cruise in San Diego. We had a hilarious dinner conversation. Who knows what it was because whenever we are together we are always cracking up!! All I know is that everyone else wished they were at our table because we were having so much fun:)

Hot Mamma

This year was the best Mother's Day ever!!!! My mom came out to AZ for a few days and it truly made my heart overflow with happiness. Sadly it had been almost 2 years since Joe and I had seen her:( We cannot ever let that happen again. If I have anything to do with it she will move here someday!!!!!!!!! {fingers crossed}

We of course wanted to make the most of our time with her so we took time off work so we could spend every minute together. Sadly I got sick right before she arrived so I was down with a cold for a few days. Bummer. Not only did that cut out on time with my mommy but it also made me miss out on some enjoyable eating extravaganzas. It is no fun to eat out when you can't taste anything.

Mom and Sara outside of Matt's Big Breakfast. This is one of our favorite spots to eat since we have moved to Central Phoenix. Unfortunately I was sniveling and sneezing at home while they enjoyed their food.
We took a lot of pictures of the three of us during Mom's visit. Most of the time Sara would make a silly face. So even though our head's are cut off we all look semi-normal in this one:)
Still a little sick but at least I showered and got ready this day:)
Silly Girls. These two ladies crack me up to the point of tears and trouble breathing:)
Waiting to eat at Oregano's. I could eat there at least twice a week and not get sick of it. So if you out of towners ever come to visit us you can count on eating there with us!

How lucky were we to get our mom to ourselves that weekend!

Awww, aren't we cute? This was actually take 3 of this pic. The first shot Joe had a fake/forced smile-shocker {wink}, the 2nd there was a ton of light that made me look like an angel (not hard to imagine I am sure:), and then this is the third where we look happy and in love!So what did we do besides eat out while Mom was here??? Lay out...every day....for HOURS at a time. Poor Joe couldn't get in though because of his hurt hand. Darn that washing machine!! I don't know how much he appreciated being stuck inside while we basked in the sun. But he knew we were having quality mother/daughter time as we soaked up the rays. Mom got a sunburn...bless her heart....her pasty skin wasn't quite prepared for the intense AZ sun.
We are all squinting in this pic but I just noticed that we are standing shortest to tallest and darkest to lightest you think we look a like? Growing up everyone always told me how much I looked like my mom which I gladly took as a compliment. Well, since Sara has been living in AZ I have noticed more and more that she looks so much like my mom. Not to mention they have such similar characteristics. Sara and I don't think she and I look anything a like but we always get a kick out of it when people tell us we do. We don't see it but maybe it is that we both look like our mom but in different ways. Posing outside of Sprinkles Cupcakes. Decadent, Rich and almost Heavenly. My personal favorite is the banana with vanilla icing. Strawberry and Red Velvet are pretty delish too.

My turn to be in the pic"Sisters, sisters...." I sure love this girl. She is my best friend and I can't imagine my life here in AZ without her. She is hilarious and so much fun to be around. I feel so lucky to have her as my lil' sis. Growing up I never would have thought we would end up as close as we are. 7 years age difference seemed huge when we were kids but now we are thick as thieves!Joe was our photographer most of the weekend but here is a sweet pic of him and Mom!! Love them both to pieces!Joe is not flipping anyone off (or flicking as they say in Ohio). Poor guy has had to wear that dang splint for SIX WEEKS. We love you Mom and hope you come back soon!!!