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Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Fiesta Bowl- 2nd Home to the Buckeyes

I moved to Arizona in the summer of 2002. Little did I know that the Grand Canyon State would bring a little bit of Ohio to me 5 out of the last 7 years in the form of the Fiesta Bowl. It is so heartwarming to see crowds of scarlet and gray all congregating to cheer on the Buckeyes. It is almost like being in Ohio but with palm trees

In January of 2003 my Dad and his friends all flew out here for the National Championship game against Miami. It was such a charged game and in the end we were victorious. I think my Dad and I both might have cried a little bit we were so happy (sorry Hil). It was so fun and I know my Dad will never forget that day! Thanks Daddy for buying me my first Fiesta Bowl ticket!

I can't find pics from the Kansas or Notre Dame Fiesta Bowls but we were there!!! In 2007 the Buckeyes came for another National Championship against the Florida Gators. This was a huge game and we were hoping to buy tickets from scalpers. Prices were ridiculous though and we couldn't justify spending $1200.00/ticket. If you think we look sad because we couldn't get tickets you should have seen our faces after the Buckeyes were humilitated and annihlated by the Gators. Needless to say I was less than happy that the Gators pulled off another National Championship again this year. Boo Gators.
Well in January 2009 the Buckeyes graced this great state once again at the Fiesta Bowl vs. the Texas Longhorns. Once again we thought we would try our luck with the scalpers. And this year we got in! See if you can tell where our seats were from this pic!
You got it...2nd row, end zone. You probably think we spent a fortune but contrair e got a smokin' deal of $20/ticket!! It was soooooo amazing to sit that close. I typically don't like sitting in the end zone because it is hard for me to follow the plays. But I have to admit that it was so exhilarating sitting right there in all the action. You felt like you were on the field with the players. My brother Chris came with us and was so excited to experience his first Fiesta Bowl like a rock star!
Joe and Chris loud and proud!
Sara actually had free tickets from a friend at work. Her free tickets got her in but she and her friend were way up at the top. We had plenty of seats around us so at half time they joined us in the sweet seats! {Side Note-Sara at age 22 finally pierced her ears. I think she actually pierced them twice as a kid but always let them close up. She's all growed up now:)}

This picture should have included Joe and Sara's friend but the lady taking the picture cut them off. Well, it is a cute sibling picture anway. I know my other sibs are JEALOUS that they don't live in AZ and miss out on all the Fiesta Bowls:)
Sara and Chris hoping for a Buckeye win!
Chris got a new camera for Christmas so we thought we would take some self portraits...of course. Do you think we look a like?
Oops, Chris cut himself off
Yes, our mascot is a nut...literally. Go Brutus!
Thanks Hon for coming and cheering on my team!! You are the best!!!
TBDBITL....if you don't know what that it!
I told you...right in the action! We saw lots of butts!
So the game was a blast but in the end we lost. Boo Longhorns. Burt Orange is an UGLY color and I don't care if Matthew McConaughey is a Texas fan. At least it was a good game and we didn't embarass ourselves. There is always next year.