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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

We made it back to Ohio this year and I couldn’t be happier! Our trip was full of family, eating out at my favorite Ohio spots, a very Merry Christmas and my very first baby shower!!! 
Where did we eat you might ask? Well feast your eyes! I realize this may mean nothing to you if you have never been to Ohio or the Mid West in general. But to my friends and readers who have….I know you are so jealous right now:)

Sliders from, White Castle…mini steamed burgers with pickles and onions…open 24/7!!

white castle

Would you judge me if I told you that I went to Graeter’s Ice Cream 4 times in one week? Well go ahead judge away. But this picture below represents pure bliss. Ask Sarah Jessica Parker…she would agree!graeters-ice-cream

Schmidt’s Sausage Haus is a German restaurant in German Village…go figure….the highlights of this gem are their Pretzel Nuggets, the Buffet which offers up a variety of Bahama Mama's, Bratwurst, German potato salad, etc. and then my personal favorite…the JUMBO cream puff!
Tommy’s Pizza…hand’s down…best in town!
La Chatelaine-bring on the baguettes, mac-and cheese and quiche! LaChatelaine
You haven’t had good old fashioned comfort food until you eat at an Amish Restaurant. 
Another place we hit up was Thurman’s Cafe. This restaurant was on a food show that Joe watched and evidently all of Columbus saw the same program because we waited about an hour just to sit!Chris, David and Brian are excited to chow down on their massive burgers.

Christmas 09 005  Christmas 09 007 Christmas 09 008 Christmas 09 009
And this ladies and gentleman is The Thurmanator…2 12 oz patties, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, ham, mushrooms, grilled onions, and who knows what else. And Brian is just the man to attempt this eating feat! The rest of us had more normal sized burgers.Christmas 09 010
Joe can’t eat as much as he once could so he didn’t order it but it was a historical moment that he wanted to be a part of!
Christmas 09 011 
There you have it…a clean plate…and no puking incurred! He swore he wouldn’t eat the rest of the day but it was Christmas Eve and he had a family dinner to go to later that night. HahahahaChristmas 09 013
Ok, enough about eating….

Somehow when I pictured being pregnant it never occurred to me that I would be bigger than Joe. Well, joke’s on me:)
  Christmas 09 015
Taking family pics are often painful and everyone is goofing around so it is impossible to get a picture where we all look normal. Please see Exhibit A.
goofy pic
This is a little better
family pic 
Mom likes this picture because it makes her look small:) Joe doesn’t like this picture because he is puffing out his chest. I like it because I’m not in it!!
 mom and boys 1
Joe and Delaney on Christmas. They are best buds! She was so excited to get her very own Nintendo DS-I and she was showing off her gaming skills! They took a break to both look cute for this pic though!Christmas 09 016 
Delaney, Susan and Jordan all smiles after opening presents at Grandma and Grandpa’s! Christmas 09 019 
Delaney is so excited for “Baby Joe” to arrive:)Christmas 09 021
My mom and sister threw me my very first baby shower! It was so fun and my Aunt Linda was gracious enough to host it at her beautiful home!! As a side note…I didn’t realize how uncomfortable I must look at times with this blossoming belly of mine.
Christmas 09 022
No event would be complete without Smith Girls!! Kathleen is like a 2nd mom to me and Gina like a sister! We have tried in so many ways to make our families officially related…maybe this next generation of babies will do the trick! I’m so glad they could make it to my shower! I can’t wait to use the Buy Buy Baby gift card they gave me!
Christmas 09 023
My cute cousins-in-law, Jenn and Lydia and Aunt Linda! Jenn makes adorable bows and jewelry ( Pregnancy has made me crazy for hair accessories so I of course had to purchase a few!! Good thing I’m not having a little girl or I would have cleared out her inventory! Christmas 09 024
My Aunt Susan aka Tah, her daughter Delaney and my Grandma! Weird to think that by me having this baby that will make them a Great Aunt and Great Grandma. They have always spoiled me…still do actually so this will be one lucky baby:) Delaney might have to share some refrigerator space at Grandma and Grandpa’s but I’m sure she won’t mind:)
Christmas 09 025
Me and Emily who hardly EVER get to see each other but when we do it is like no time has changed! Love her to pieces!!!
Christmas 09 026
One of my best friends from High School, Andrea and her little mini me!!! Sadly I am horrible at keeping in touch, and she is rarely on FB (my main source of connectiveness), but it was so fun to catch up for a little bit! Someday when I go to Ohio again we’ll try to get some real visiting in! Crazy to think that I will be traveling with a little one soon…
Christmas 09 028
And yes I took this of myself and I am posting it because it is the ONLY picture where I don’t have a double chin. Please tell me that double chins go away after the baby is born. Or do I just live in a fantasy land where I am never bigger than my hubby and I magically get skinnier after the baby is born. Crap! I think I know the answer to that.
Christmas 09 030

Saturday, December 26, 2009

How do you say no to that face?

This was not a staged photo op. Fiona kept getting in my bag while I was packing and looking at me with those puppy dog eyes that said "you wouldn't leave me behind....would you?" Sadly she and Madd did not get to come to Ohio with us. It was just going to be too complicated and costly to take them with us so we decided to leave them in AZ. Luckily they are getting super spoiled by our friends Ryan and Ashley and their 3 boys so I don't feel too bad!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Our house that is. It might have taken a little longer to get the decor up this year but I’m pregnant…that is a good excuse, right? Well now that it is up it feels like Christmas is here! It is easy to forget what time of year it is when the weather doesn’t seem to match.

Joe was bound and determined that our house would have outside lights this year. So here is he on the roof…even though they were annoying to hang I think that boys love any excuse to get on the roof. The “fun” part was after he hung them all they stopped working. So he went to get new strands and now our house looks lovely. Thanksgiving 09 136

Growing up my family always had colored lights which I loved and I always assumed I would carry on the tradition as an adult but… when it came time to set up the tree the white lights just called to me. A couple of years ago Joe was begging me to set up a tree so I surprised him when he was out of town. Thus I got to pick all the ornaments. They all have silver and gold undertones….and have lots of glitter and sparkle. Christmas Decorations 045 

Ok….well Maddox and Fiona’s ornaments are an exception to the silver and gold theme. Christmas Decorations 047

Joe gave this ornament to me the second year we were married. I had mentioned in passing that I felt so bad I forgot to buy us our “First Christmas” ornament the prior year. So Christmas morning 2005 I was completely shocked to open this as a gift it even made me cry. Such a thoughtful hubby! Christmas Decorations 049

Fi Fi was born in 2006 but her first Christmas with us wasn’t until 2007. She is such a sweet girl and I can’t imagine our family without her! Christmas Decorations 050

For some reason we have never had stockings...maybe because we have never had a fireplace before. So a few weeks ago Joe surprised me with an early Christmas present. He saw this Juicy stocking in a Nieman’s catalog and thought it was perfect for me. Christmas Decorations 059

Joe picked out a Phoenix Suns stocking for him, a leopard print for Sara with a blingy “S,” and then paw prints for the pupps. We are short one hook so the dogs will have to share this year. It is exciting to think that next year we will be adding a stocking for our little boy!!! He’ll need an ornament too!Christmas Decorations 053 Christmas Decorations 054 Christmas Decorations 056

Swimsuits in November

Have I mentioned that I love living in Arizona? There are many great things about this state and one of them is the weather…well 9 months out of the year at least.  So we thought we would take advantage of the sunny skies and take the boat out the Saturday after Turkey day. It ended up being a bit of a disaster as the boat broke down after Joe got done wakeboarding but we still had fun! There is something about fresh air, sunshine, water and the smell of the boat that just makes me happy!!!

Love that grin!Thanksgiving 09 102   

Crew was so happy that there was a wet suit just his size…well maybe it was a little big but it did the trick!Thanksgiving 09 103

Parker and Elaina are BFF’s and there could be some slight crushing going on. Soooo cute!!!! They especially had fun at Build-A-Bear together. Thanksgiving 09 104

Happy GirlsThanksgiving 09 109  Carter didn’t get in the water but look at that face! Couldn’t be happier…well maybe at the Lego store:) Thanksgiving 09 112

Conner is smiling but that is part shock to how cold the water was Thanksgiving 09 113

Look at Crew’s face in the next 3 pics. He was not expecting the water to be so cold. He went from shock, to scared, to “get me outta here.” Poor little guy.  Thanksgiving 09 115 Thanksgiving 09 116 Thanksgiving 09 117Parker’s little bros jumped in so he couldn’t wimp out!  Thanksgiving 09 120  The cold water put Conner in a tranceThanksgiving 09 122  Joe wasn’t trying to look GQ but OW OW!!! I love this pic of him!!! I am one lucky gal!Thanksgiving 09 124  No I did not squeeze myself into a bathing suit on this day. Thank goodness for stretchy tank tops and gaucho pants!Thanksgiving 09 126

The kids still had fun even though we had to be towed inThanksgiving 09 127

Ashley and CrewThanksgiving 09 128