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Monday, November 24, 2008

I Heart Boy Bands

Last night was the American Music Awards on ABC. If you missed it then you MISSED out!!!!! One of the highlights of the night was a performance by NKOTB. Yep, New Kids on the Block, baby!! I am not embarrassed to say that as they were being announced I got a gigantic grin on my face and at one point a childish scream escaped my mouth and I started clapping. I couldn't contain it, it just sort of bubbled out from somewhere within my soul:) I was obsessed with NKOTB as a tween. Hannah Johnson and I were BFF's and would constantly gush about how in love we were with Jordan(me) and Joey(Hannah). Here is what they looked like back then. Funny that their look used to be H.O.T.?!?!?!?I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I just knew in my heart of hearts that I would meet them someday. Well..... I never did BUT when I was in high school the Back Street Boys came and performed for our school. It was before they were anything big but they won me over none the less. I still love their songs....and I know I'm not alone in this(Hilarry:)) And most recently I have realized that I have an innocent crush on the the Jo Bros, aka The Jonas Brothers. I think they are adorable and their songs are so cute (hello, who doesn't sing along when they hear Love Bug??)

So there you go I heart boy bands. Over the years that has included Boyz II Men, New Edition, N'Sync, 98 Degrees, One For All, and even a little O Town. DON'T JUDGE ME:)


Rachel said...

98 Degrees, huh? David's second cousin is the less attractive one. Nick, Drew, the other guy, all hot. Not so much Justin. There's no doubt they all can sing though. I always wished I could get into the boy band thing. I'm trying to think of something I that I obsessed over and I think I missed out on that crucial phase of teenagehood!

The Brown Family said...

Oh I am so with you! I have to say that I was not so much of a NKOTB fan, but YES on NSYNC, BACKSTREET, O TOWN, BOYS 2 MEN, 98 Degrees, and many more! Oh, and can I just tell you that I have a total crush on the Joe Bros! Which scrares me a little because I could be their mom, okay at least their older sister...but oh well. Have a great Thanksgiving and hope we can get together soon.

Mom said...

the right stuff! you got that song in my head a long time ago. I still remember how CRAZY you and Hannah were about those silly boys! : )

Joe and Melissa Vega said...

Rachel I can't believe your husband is related to Justin from 98 degrees. I always felt bad for him because he had to stand next to the Lachey brothers:)