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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day

So far this Thanksgiving holiday has been quite the um, adventure, you could call it. But nevertheless I am filled with much gratitude.

I'm grateful to have electricity. When we arrived in Parker we had none (mix up with the service provider). So we were in the dark for one night, but its ok cause we were tired and just went to bed.

I'm grateful that our refrigerator is no longer full of rotting, decaying food. I don't think I have ever experienced something so disgustingly horrid in my life. Obviously if you have no electricity the fridge doesn't stay cool...therefore your food rots to a state where you have no idea what it ever was.

I'm grateful that most of the baking is done already. For some reason our oven in Parker only has one cooking rack. Since Mr. Tom is currently occupying that rack I am unable to bake anything at the same time. By this point you might think that I am having a nervous break down due to all the complications we have experienced, but nah, I'm trying to stay calm and composed.

On a positive note I'm grateful to have a house filled with friend and family this week. I'm grateful that Amber and Jeff abandoned their family to spend the holiday with us!!!!! I'm grateful for helpers who keep running to the grocery store when I realize we are missing crucial ingredients. I'm grateful to have cell phone coverage so I can hear from my loved ones today. I'm grateful that I have now blogged for 4 days in a row. I'm grateful that Jeff brought his Internet connection with him and is letting me partake. I'm grateful for my Ugg mules that Joe bought me last year for Christmas. They are truly the most comfy, toasty slippers ever!!

So to you and yours Have a terrific day of giving thanks!!! And if your day seems stressful just be glad you didn't have to clean out a foul fridge:)


Mrs. Lyndsee said...

Melissa!!! You poor thing! You have had the worst luck lately. :) But I am glad you are thinking on the glass 1/2 full side, because that makes life so much better! I bet your dinner was delicious and that everyone had so much fun! You should be proud of me, I may not have cooked anything, but I did peel some mean potatoes. Love you!

P.S. I am so proud of your blogging efforts lately! YAY!

Hannah said...

OH I can just imagine that fridge...gross story alert: k, when we moved into our house on Geyer in Columbus, Becky's old house, it had been locked up for 2 years...well there was a fridge in the garage...FULL of food that had been in it for TWO YEARS! There are NO WORDS to describe the smell or the bugs! I really thought about setting the whole place on fire *garage-not house* lol!

AmShaZam said...

Well, you had it cleaned well and smelling nicely by the time we got there! Dinner was excellent, too! Thanks for having us- we had such a nice, relaxing time!