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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Race for the Cure

This weekend, Joe, Sara, Chris and I ran in the Susan G. Komen, 5k Race for the Cure. Our company was one of the local presenting partners for the Phoenix activities so we thought it would be a great opportunity for us to do something as a family and also show our support for an amazing cause. This was the first time I had ever participated in a charity run so I wasn't sure what to expect. It was actually quite inspiring to be surrounded by people who were all running for a cause. As people passed me by (did I mention I'm not really a runner?) I noticed that some had signs posted on their backs. You saw messages like "in memory of....." and "running for..." or even pictures of loved ones pinned to their shirts. One very old man who was jogging had "in loving memory of my daughter" on his back. I thought, how sad that he outlived his child, but there he was so strong and wanting to make a difference. So as I huffed and puffed I knew that if these people could survive such horrible things that I surely could run for a few miles. 3.1 miles doesn't really sound like a lot and I wish I could say I ran the whole thing, but in reality I probably ran half of it. I wasn't one of the first to finish but I definitely wasn't the last either. Joe was sweet enough to stick with me, encourage me, and keep me motivated. I'm proud that I did the race, especially because I had zero training (silly me). So my legs are a little sore but I was honored to be part of this event. It was so cool to cross the finish line and have masses of people cheering you on (ready and waiting with ice cold water bottles). I am so grateful that breast cancer has not directly effected me or anyone in my family and pray that it never does.


The Hills said...

That is so awesome you guys did that! Sounds like a great experience! :)