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Thursday, October 2, 2008

4's or 8's? How about 6's

Ok, Hil tagged me for 4 and Lynds tagged me for 8, so I'll meet them in the middle and go with 6. Thank you girls for helping me get out of my blogging blues!!!
Places I go over and over:

1. Work
2. QT
3. My unfinished house
4. Parker
5. Yogurberry
6. Church

Who I email regularly:

1. Lyndsee
2. Hilarry
3. Sara
4. Mom
5. Joe
6. Hannah (does texting count? :) )

Favorite TV shows:

1. Gray's Anatomy
2. The Bachelor/ette
3. Desperate Housewives
4. So You Think You Can Dance
5. American Idol
6. One Tree Hill

Favorite Restaurants:

1. Cafe Rio

2. Flemings
3. Gecko Grill (AZ)
4. Tommy's Pizza (Ohio)
5. Red Robin
6. Oregano's (AZ)

What Happened Yesterday:

1. Slept In
2. Went to 2 movies with Joe
3. Ate at Gecko Grill and Red Brick Pizza
4. Got my car emissions test and re-registered
5. Got my car washed
6. Watched premier of Private Practice and Dirty Sexy Money

Looking Forward To:

1. Going to General Conference on Saturday
2. Seeing friends in Utah this weekend
3. Eating at Tucano's for free on my birthday (Monday)
4. Finish reading The Time Traveler's Wife
5. Re-joining the world of blogging (sorry friends, hope you've missed me)
6. Cooler weather

What I love about Fall:

1. The leaves changing color
2. College Football
3. Chili and Potato Soup
4. Halloween
5. Candy Corn
6. My Birthday

On my wish list:

1. For my house to be done already!! !#$%*&^%!$%
2. To have a baby
3. To be a stay at home mom
4. To have more of my family move to AZ
5. To win the lottery
6. To be skinny without dieting or exercise:)

Who do I tag?

If you are reading this then consider yourself IT!!!!!


Mom said...

wow your mom is hot!

Joe and Melissa Vega said...

Yes she is:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!