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Saturday, June 28, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance, Dance

I love summer for many reasons. The 4th of July, Joe's Birthday, wake boarding trips to the lake, fresh delicious fruit, getting tan, extended hours of sunlight, pool parties, and the need to eat ice stay cool of course. Summer time does have some draw backs though. One of the biggest ones I can think of is the lack of good tv. 4 years ago that all changed with the introduction of So You Think You Dan Dance. It is an American Idolesque show for dancers on Fox. This season is turning out to be as great as I hoped.

The first couple that I have consistently liked is Katee and Joshua. Week 1 they did a lyrical Hip Hop routine that gave me chills. They danced to the song No Air by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown. The song has such an impact on how much I like the dance. A lame song can take away from the power of the dance itself.
Week 2 they did a fun Broadway routine where they showcased a different set of skills. Loved it!Week 3 they danced a sassy little Rumba. This couple gets better each week. Joshua is so sweet and is so complimentary of his partner. They have great chemistry! I am surprised how much I like them but they have such a strong partnership you can't help but love them!But despite how much I love them there are a few other couples that have wowed me as well!!! Chelsie and Mark are an unlikely duo but did a goose bump causing lyrical Hip Hop routine to the song Bleeding Love, by Leona Lewis. Once again this was great choreography, amazing dancing, and the perfect song!!!!Courtney and Gev started off shaky the first week but have gotten better since then. They are adorable and did a very sexy Samba that won praises from the judges!!! I wish I could pull off a dress like that! Ow ow!!!!
My other favorite couple is Twitch and Kherington, aka Twitchington. Below is a picture of them doing a beautiful Vienesse Waltz to a Celine Dion song. The dance was created by choreographers that have a daughter who has lost her motor skills but finds her joy watching dance. Everything about this routine was perfect.
Last week Twitchington got to show us their fun side by dancing an comical Hip Hop routine. They are sure to be around for a while!!!!Another dancer that I love to watch is Will. I am not too crazy about his partner though. She is a good dancer but something is just missing. I can't explain it but Will is UH-MAY-ZEEN!!!!!

Ok, so there you go, if you don't watch the show then you are missing out. If you do watch it I would love to know who your favorites are!!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Mormon or Not?

If you or anyone you know has had questions regarding the group of polygamists recently busted in Texas HERE is a great article. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I have answered many "Mormon" questions for friends and family. And usually one of my answers is "No, polygamy is not currently practiced nor is it accepted by the LDS church." There is so much curiosity about the topic and often the media makes it even more confusing. So I hope this article sheds a light on the difference between "us" and "them."

One of the things I am very grateful for in my life is my belief and testimony in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Without his life and his death I know we wouldn't be able to return to live with our Father in Heaven. Life is hard sometimes, but it is in our times of trial (big and small) that we learn to appreciate what we have and we learn to rely on the strength of the Lord. There is an opposition in all things and how can we know sweet when we haven't tasted the bitter? I truly believe that we are not meant to spiritually wander through this life helpless and alone. And luckily for me I don't. I choose to let the spirit of the Lord be a part of my life and guide me in my choices.

I feel like I should say "amen" now:)

It's My Party and I'll Cry if I want To

Ok....I need to vent. Let me preface this by saying that I am not asking for any one's pity. I completely realize that my problems pale in comparison to the world, but regardless I am stressed and trying very hard not to let my problems consume me. When I am stressed I cry. So basically I cry daily. I'm sure I'm not that much fun to be around because I don't have the energy to be fun. The other day I was driving to work and the song "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter came on the radio and on came the tears. But in the midst of all the things that are going wrong there are a few miracles that I can't help but be thankful for. If you keep reading through my rantings you will see the miracles I'm referring to:) You have to wade a little through my muck but you can look it as practice in good "listening" skills!

Basically our house is still not done. Please don't ask me why because I won't have a good answer to give you. 2 of the 4 needed renters are moving in to the house we currently live in on Tuesday. I am very grateful to have found these guys. They love the house and will hopefully take good care of it. They are also trying to help me find 2 other occupants for the empty rooms. So I am grateful for renters as this means it will help relieve some of the financial burden of paying multiple mortgage payments. These renters are Angel #1.
Well, since the renters move in Tuesday that means we have to move OUT! I am frustrated, infuriated, made, angry, depressed, sad, fuming, ticked off that we can't move in to OUR house. A. The building time has taken way too long. B. I now have to move the SUMMER HEAT of ARIZONA.

The other day Joe's sister called me and said she had been thinking about me and felt like she needed to call got it....turn on the waterfalls. So I told her our sob story of having no where to go and being stressed to the max. She immediately said that we could live with her AND bring our dogs:) Wow what a relief. I felt a huge burden lifted from my shoulders. I profusely thanked her for listening to the still small voice. If she would have ignored the promptings then who knows what we would have done. I was dreading asking other people if we could stay with them. We had a few ideas of friends to ask but I just didn't feel 100% comfortable with any of the options. I hate to be a burden to people. Plus I was worried we would stay somewhere that wasn't dog friendly and I would have to find a temporary home for my little pupps. That would have been devastating. Ok, so the day after Leslie aka angel #2 offered up her home to us another friend of ours called and when he heard we were moving in with my sister-in-law he offered us his whole house to stay in. He is moving to Utah and his house will be vacant until it sells!!!! This was music to my ears. We can have an empty house that we can take our furniture and our dogs and have our own space!!!! Thank you angel number 3!!!!!!!

Alright. Enough complaining. My next post will be a list of some of my many blessings. I know there are a lot but writing them down makes me feel better and helps put my problems in perspective:)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

To Market, To Market, To Buy a Fat Pig....

Home again, home again, jiggety jigg. Anyone guess what I did today? Grocery shopping but not just any grocery shopping, I went to Costco. If you know me well you know I am obsessed with Costco. I love everything about it. The beauty of Costco is you never know what little gems they have in store for you. A couple months ago Joe and I bought a memory foam pad for our bed. It changed our lives. But beside the adventure of going and wondering what you might find they have their tried and true products that you have come to count on and can't live without. Let me give you a sampling of what I bought today. I'm curious if any of you have the same obsessions that I do. Healthy Choice Fudge Bars. Delicious. Heaven. And only 100 Calories!Cascade 2-in-1 action packs for your dishwasher. These little bits of genius are detergent and jet dry all in one convenient capsule. No more spills, no excess used, they are sheer perfection. And truly my dishes always look great!Sonoma Chicken Salad. If you haven't tried this yet you are missing out! It is a combination of chicken, poppy seed dressing, craisins and walnuts. I actually hate walnuts but in this salad I eat them up. This salad is delicious on the Demi Baguettes in the bakery portion of Costco. This combo is a house favorite of ours.Organic 1% Milk. First let me say that I am a strictly skim milk kind of girl. I don't like the taste of other milks. But Joe, being a man would prefer that I don't buy skim. He has discovered that he loves the Organic Milk at Costco. It does taste very good but I just calculated the price and it is a little on the spendy side. We don't get it all the time but it is a nice treat for my sweetie. And what does everyone love to eat with their glass of milk? OREOS!!!! That was another purchase of mine today per the request of the boys. The box comes with 9 or 12 sleeves of cookies!Per the request of Maddox and Fiona I also bought Nubz today. They are edible dental chews and they adore them. Fiona only gets half of one because it takes her about as long to get through that as it takes Madd to devour a whole one. Another Costco favorite is the very large jar of Vlasic pickles that they sell. I am a dill pickle fiend. I love them and probably eat one a day! The jar is gigantic and takes up most of my fridge but it is worth it!As previously mentioned my breakfast of choice during the work week is oatmeal. I eat a 1/2 cup every morning with 4 equal packets and lots of cinnamon. It is quite tasty and I have zero guilt eating it because it is so incredibly healthy for you. I was running low on oatmeal and cinnamon so I stocked up on those as well. And last but not least FRUIT!!! The fruit at Costco is gorgeous! How could I not buy it?? Thick juicy strawberries, plump black berries, perfect raspberries, and sweet blue berries. YUM, makes me want a smoothie. I also love their pineapple and mangoes!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Finally....a Guy Who Understands

For you ladies that have read or heard of the Twilight series, and guys too, if you are reading this then you have to check this link out.....

I think I might bookmark this guy. He is funny:)

Buzz Kill

What a way to start my day....I actually get up to have breakfast...which I never do because I would rather sleep then eat and oatmeal at work is usually the route I take. But this morning I put a beautiful bowl of cereal together with two kinds of berries, yum! I am eating away until I look down and see a DEAD BEE floating in my bowl. Now I'm not sure if it came from the cereal or the berries so I'm not sure if I need to toss the morning grains or just wash the berries really well before I eat anymore. I hope the rest of my day doesn't hold the same kind of surprises for me!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Can You Keep a Secret?

My husband can definitely NOT keep a secret!! Whether it is a good secret or a bad one he just can't keep it in. Good Secret Example: When we were dating he bought me tickets to Les Mis for Valentine's Day. He was so excited about it he spilled the beans a month or so before the actual holiday (yes I fully believe that V-Day is a holiday that should be celebrated:) )

I recently have been introduced to an author that I really enjoy. Sophie Kinsella aka Madeline Wickham is a British author who specializes in "chick-lit." Wikipedia defines this as a term used to denote genre fiction written for and marketed to young women, especially single, working women in their twenties and thirties. My definition would also include that it is a guilty pleasure that allows you to escape into a world of frivolousness and glee. If you haven't entered that world yet then I openly invite you because it is a lot of fun.
The first book I read of Kinsella is called Remember Me. If any of you has seen the show on ABC called Samantha Who (love it!!!!) the story lines are very similar. Next I delved into Confessions of a Shopaholic which gave me flashbacks to my college days when I didn't make the most sound financial decisions (shutter and cringe). And just today I finished Can You Keep a Secret, which tackles the question of how much you should really divulge about yourself to your friends and loved ones. Now I am reading the next book in the Shopaholic series, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan.
In case you are wondering, I don't spend all my time in the world of shopping, dating, and love life woes. I recently read The Host, by Stephenie Meyer. I was so excited to read it since I loved the Twilight Series so much. I had such a hard time getting into it though. I don't know if the concept was too big for me or what (aliens taking over our planet) but I just didn't love it right away. I am happy to report that once I got into it I really enjoyed it and became very intrigued by the story lines!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Made of Honor

So tonight was another girl's those....and need them too actually. We went to Bajio Grill for dinner and then saw the movie Made of Honor. For those of you that haven't been to Bajio it is kind of a Cafe Rio wannabe, but not a full on knock off. The recipes are different but the concept is the same. Tonight I tried the chili lime chicken salad and it was absolutely delish!!!! I love all the fun things you can add to your salads there! YUM!!!

So the movie was very cute and enjoyable. Patrick Dempsey is so charming and always plays such likable characters! Not sure if Joe would have liked the movie but luckily I didn't have to worry about that tonight. Usually when I get to pick the movie I worry the whole time that Joe is bored. He is a pretty good sport when it comes to chick flicks but I know when he sighs loudly that he hates the least at that moment. Usually by the end he likes it but it is hard to concentrate and just get in to the movie when I can tell he isn't in to it. I love the feeling of just getting wrapped up in the romance of the movie, regardless of how cheesy it is!!! I am a sap for love stories!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

More Pictures for your Viewing Pleasure

Here is a picture of the house as of yesterdayHere is a close up picture of the stone.
Here are the pavers on the side of the house by the garage. Notice the 4 AC not looking forward to my new electric bill.Here is a big hole that will become our pool:) I have never had a pool in my life so I am so excited!