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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Renters Needed

Our house is DONE.....well not quite...that is wishful thinking, but it hopefully will be done soon and we need to find renters for the house we are in now. It is a great house with 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, loft, stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, etc. We want to rent it out by the room so if you know anyone please get them in touch with me. I have posted listings on AND but I figured it doesn't hurt to advertise on my blog as well:)

We love this house and will be sad to leave. It is in a great location as it is minutes from UOP. If you know anyone that works there who might want to save money on gas this is the place to live!! You can hardly call the drive a commute (3 minutes) and you can go home every day for lunch!!! Plus you have easy access to down town, ASU, AZ Mills, great shopping plazas, etc.

Here is a picture of the downstairs. We can leave the house semi-furnished based on the needs of the renters. Don't worry though...the clutter on the counters is not included:)

Here is a random picture of the loft but there are 4 bedrooms up stairs and 2 bathrooms, not to mention the loft area which is a great space for a tv room or a computer room.

Here is a pic of the backyard's desert landscaping. It is very pretty and easy to maintain. The trees have grown quite big and provide for nice shade and privacy.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Girls, Girls, Girls

A while back I took a short cruise with some of my girlfriends, Kelly, Koren and Nikkel. We flew from Phoenix to Los Angeles and our destination was Ensenada, Mexico. Our husbands were so gracious to let us go on this little jaunt, but they would have been bored as all we did was lay out!!!!! Here are some pics from our little adventure:)

Nikkel, Koren and Melissa happy to be on the shuttle that will take us to the ship (but sad on the inside without our hubby's:) )
What is the first thing we do when get on the ship....EAT at the buffet of course:)
The Muster Drill....not the funnest part of the cruise but we took advantage of the photo op:) Koren bought us matching tanks so we thought it was appropriate to wear them while we sipped our cocktails that look SINFUL but they were virgin of course!
"Formal" Night on the cruise...poor Koren got a sun burn on her knees
Me and Kelly
Me and Nikkel
Me and Koren.....I know those pics all look the same. I have an addiction with taking self portraits...I can't help it. So I taught the girls what angle to hold the camera and then we each had to take pics with each other:)
The only guy in the room...towel elephant
Smiling in Ensenada
Shopping for Bargains!!
Waiting for the ship to leave Ensenada....we were covered up since the day before we got PLENTY of sun:) Koren, Kelly and Nikkel waiting for the night games to begin
So long Monarch of the Seas, it is time to go back home to our husbands!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday Dinner

What is it that makes Sunday Dinner extra special? I remember as a kid always looking forward to coming home from church and knowing a delicious dinner would be coming soon! Some of my favorites were: pot roast with carrots and potatoes, chilli, Hawaiian hay stacks (always a favorite when were having company), pancakes/eggs, and lasagna. I'm sure there were many others but those stick out as fam favorites. I always loved my mom's cooking. In fact many recipes that I make are ones I got from her!!

Last week I bought a HUGE roast from Costco so we invited our friends Dave and Koren over for dinner yesterday. They brought their little brother Dan and we of course had Sara and Chris so it was quite the family dinner. Afterwards we sat around telling funny stories and some of us even did impersonations. Sara "thinks" she does a great Bill Cosby and Chris does a really good David Archuleta. I think Dr. Dave wins though for the funniest stories of the night!!! It was good we were laughing so much so we could burn off our calories from dinner AND dessert!
After our company left I stayed up to watch the season finale of Desperate Housewives. It was so good!!!!!!!!! Did anyone else watch it??? What did you think of the flash forward 5 years....dum, dum, dum. Oh, and p.s. I am so glad little Kayla's reign of terror ended. She drove me crazy!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friends That Make You Laugh So Hard Your Throat Hurts

Today I got to go to lunch with some old friends that I recently re-connected with! Kami and Marci are girls I met when I first moved to Arizona but lost touch with when I got married. Recently they found me and it has been so fun hanging out with them again. They are sweet enough to drive over to my side of town so we can meet for lunch every couple of weeks. Today we got to laughing so hard my throat seriously hurt. I think the people around us thought we were crazy. I think we get along so well because we don't hold back and talk about everything and anything!!! So thanks ladies for a hilarious afternoon...I'm sure we'll have many more great conversations in the future just like it:)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Will You Go To Prom With Me?

When I was in High School I was lucky to have dates for my Junior and Senior prom. Junior year I went with my boyfriend Jared. I wore a blue sequin dress with shoes died to match....sassy I know:) I wish I had a picture to post but you will just have to imagine. Senior year I was silly and dumped my boyfriend for some stupid reason I can't remember (sorry Jared)...but I did it right before prom and therefore I had no date. Luckily my friend Amber had an older brother, Keith who was sweet enough to take me even though he had already graduated from high school. The dress I wore was a cream-colored princess type dress with a poofy skirt. Why am I telling you all this? This weekend my little brother went to prom!!! I can't believe he is a senior in High School! He looked so cute in his pics that I had to post a few.

David and his Date
The GuysDavid with our cute Mom!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


So we went back by the house and it is magically coming along. It really looks so beautiful. It is exciting in this stage because it actually is starting to look livable:) Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.

Here is a shot of our kitchen island...yes it is massive. It took 2 whole slabs of granite to make it. As you can see we did black cabinets for the island and brown cabinets for the rest of the kitchen. They both look so great!
Here is the kitchen area in the basement. The granite downstairs is so cool but the picture doesn't do it justice. The cabinets are the same as the upstairs island.Here is our office ceiling...LOVE IT!!!!!!!
Here is the office wall that matches the ceilingThis whole process has been frustrating, but a good learning experience. It will be amazing once it is all done and we are living in it. But then we actually have to furnish and decorate it!!!!!!! We hope to live in this area forever. The new Gilbert Temple is being built just down the road from our new house!!! What a wonderful community to live in and raise our kids in! We will be right by a temple, a great mall, lots of restaurants, a city soccer complex, plus there are great schools.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Picture

Daily I'm asked "how is your house coming along?" Well our target completion date is May 31st!!! Below is a picture of a section of the kitchen. You can actually see the floor tiles, the cabinets and the granite. The big gray thing in the top right hand corner of the picture is the hood over the oven. It will be covered in stone. As you can see the oven isn't there yet but it is pretty cool!We are currently trying to find renters for our Phoenix home. If anyone knows some LDS girls or guys that are interested in renting a room please let me know!!! It is a cute house in a great location!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lucky In Love

I just wanted to say how lucky I am to be married to Joe!!! He truly is my best friend and I can't imagine my life without him. The other day a friend of mine was asking me about boyfriends I had in the past. I have to say that I never really dated any jerks....well...there was first b-friend in college, he wasn't very sweet and he broke my heart, but even so it could have been a lot worse. But despite the fact that I always dated nice guys it never felt the way it did with Joe. We just had this amazing instant connection. I can't explain it but I just knew. Here is a very short list of some things I love about Joe.

1. He loves me:) I never doubt this, even if we squabble. He doesn't hold grudges (something I need to learn from him)

2. He thinks I am beautiful and tells me often

3. He is hilarious. Joe cracks me up. He can be so goofy. If anyone can make me laugh it is him!

4. He is ambitious. He is always thinking of our future and helping us make sound financial decisions.

5. He knows something about everything. I swear I never watched the Discovery or History channel before I met him.

6. He has a great sense of style and appreciates my style. He loves that I'm girly and doesn't give me a hard time about wearing make up or getting my hair and nails done.

7. He is well rounded. Joe is a guy's guy but isn't afraid to go to a chick flick or even take me to a Broadway play

8. He loves our dogs. That might sound silly but it is just another thing that shows me he will be a great dad someday.

9. He let's us both wear the pants in our relationship. He values me as an equal and doesn't leave me out of decisions, big or small.

10. He is loyal!!!!!! His actions speak louder than words and they show me that he only has eyes for me:)