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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

With OR Without Pants...I can't be stopped

After work I drove to the gym for a kickboxing class. You can imagine my surprise when I got to the locker room and realized I didn't bring any work out pants!!!!! I quickly evaluated the situation. There was no way I could wear the pants I was in from work, much too restrictive. So my only options were to turn right back around and go home OR buy some pants from the downstairs spa area. The old me would have just gone home, but the new me, bound and determined to get my exercise in forked up some money for some pilates pants. They are actually quite comfortable so I didn't mind! The class was amazing and I burned lots of calories! This morning I checked and double checked my bag to make sure I had all the necessary items. Tonight is a weights class that I am really looking forward to! Back in my BYU days I went to Gold's Gym and was obsessed with a class called Power Pump. It might have had a little something to do with the instructor, but that's besides the point:) Hilarry and Jaimi you remember:) Well, I think it is a great class and it helps build strength and muscle tone which I need more of both!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Finding My Inner Chi

Last night marked a momentous occasion. I probably shouldn't admit this but I went back to the gym. Back to the gym you ask??? Well I am not going to tell you the last time I actually went prior to yesterday because you will think less of me. I do pay a lovely membership fee monthly but lately I have been paying for services that I don't use. But last night I went back!!!! I decided that I have had enough of my slothfulness and there really was no choice, I had to go! I really enjoy going to classes so I went to Fitness Pilates. It was my first time and I loved it!!!! It was oddly relaxing even though you are working muscles you didn't know you had. The movement felt great because I was already stiff and sore from wake boarding. Pilates is all about stretching and using your body to create resistance. It is supposed to help your muscles get longer and leaner. Who doesn't want that???
Today I brought my gym bag with me so I can go straight to the gym after work! I feel inspired and hope I can keep the momentum going:)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fun in the Sun

I love the weekends! Usually we have something going on but yesterday we were without plans so we decided to go to the lake! Usually when we go to the lake we like to go super early in the morning. And when I say we I of course mean Joe. There is never a day that I actually like to get up early. But I digress....going early to the lake allows us to beat the heat and the crowds. It is no fun to wake board on choppy water. Well yesterday we didn't decide until mid-morning that we were going. After getting ready, waiting for everyone to meet up, and loading up the boat we got to the lake around noon. As we pulled up we noticed they weren't letting anyone through. Boats were being turned away. When we got up to the ranger station they explained the lake was full and we would have to go park in a waiting station and wait our turn. This was a first for us but we were set on being on the water. What a bummer to drive all the way out there and then turn back around to go home. So wait we did....for about an hour and a half but it was worth it!!! Being on the water is one of my favorite ways to spend a day. It is so fun to be out there behind the boat. The lake is so beautiful and it is a great work out! The water conditions weren't ideal Saturday but we wake boarded anyway. I should be an expert by now but I'm not. I am decent but I really hope to improve my boarding skills this year.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Go Suns!!! Boo Spurs

Growing up in Ohio I never really had a loyalty to any NBA Teams. As a kid I remember liking the Bulls because of Michael Jordan but no real allegiance. Since I've been married and subsequently purchased season tickets to the Suns I have turned into a full-fledged fan!!!! The games are a blast, the players are so much fun to watch, the Sol Patrol keeps you entertained during half time, and the fans are great too!

Tonight is game 3 of the playoffs and so far we are 0-2:( Hopefully we will see a come back with our home court advantage!!!!! As we like to say here in the valley of the sun "The Phoenix Suns are fly, you aint' cause you not, the Phoenix Suns, the Phoenix Suns, the Phoenix Suns Are Hot!!!!" (ok, I don't say ain't but it's a song:) )

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Secret Shames

Well, this is an interesting tag and I have Marci to thank:) I am supposed to be brave enough to tell you 3 secret shames of mine. Marci's were that she has gross feet, loves hot dogs and picks her face. So here are can decide if you think any less of me after reading this:)1. I do not wash my hair every day. As my mom remembers my hair was a grease ball growing up. I had to wash it every day or I started to look like a poor, neglected child. My mom even had to teach me how to really scrub my head so I could get down to the scalp. Sometimes she would even use baking soda on my head if she washed my hair in the sink to get it squeaky clean. As an adult I of course continued the tradition of shampooing every day because no one likes a greasy head. Countless hair stylists have told me that it is better for the health of your hair to NOT shampoo every day. I thought there was no way I could ever do that. But my love of sleeping in made me finally take on the challenge. It wasn't easy and it took a while for my body to adjust but guess did. My body learned to not make my hair so greasy. Now I can go every other day without shampooing. The days I don't have to wash my hair are my FAVORITE!!!!! Showering is much quicker but more importantly I don't have to blow dry my hair on those days!!

2. I have a birth mark on my head. Not the kind that turns my hair a different color and not just a discoloration of the skin. Let me start at the beginning.....I was born a bouncing, bubbly baby girl, perfect as could be. But then I started to develop this ball shaped growth on the back of my head. My poor parents didn't know what to do. Their darling girl was tarnished by this thing. They took me to the Dr. and found out I had a birthmark. Needless to say I wore a lot of bonnets. As I have grown and my head has gotten bigger the birthmark has shrunk. It is still there but pretty much just looks like a bald spot. It is skin colored but my hair covers it just fine. When I had short hair you could see it when I went swimming. Other than that the only other impact it had on my was my inability to wear pig tails:(
3. Ok last, but not least, I like to pick peeling skin from sunburns. I know there are probably others out there like me but I guess it is kind of gross. I don't feel the need to peel random strangers, but if I get a sunburn I secretly look forward to the peeling stage. I especially like it when it peels off in big sections. But that aside, I despise sun burns and am always so disappointed in myself when I get one. I have been laying out this past month and have been a very good girl with the sun block!!!! Once I get a base tan I am free and clear from burning but it is that initial re-introduction to the sun that usually gets me!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Have Friends!!!!

Since Joe and I have been married I have struggled with feeling like I have friends. I mean I have friends, and dear ones, spread across the country, but geography prevents us from hanging out. My friends in AZ that I had before I got married are still single which means they would probably rather party and meet hot guys in their free time, which I would too if I were them. But we were lacking in the "couples" friend department. Sad I know, but those days are over:) Since we have moved to Phoenix from Mesa we have met some really fun people that live close to us so it is convenient to get together spur of the moment. Last night Joe and my brother went paint balling with Dr. Dave and Lief. This was a perfect opportunity to invite their wives over for a night of American Idol and take out from Rosati's!!! Koren and Nikkel are great!!! Nikkel and I met at Bunco when I first moved to Phoenix. Since then we have traveled together to see the Ellen Degeneres show in December of 06 and in April 07 we cruised together in the Mexican Riviera. Koren I haven't known as long but we became fast friends when we discovered our love of good jeans, sephora and The Hills.
(dear family of mine that doesn't live in AZ yet....please come, move here, I NEED you. think of all the fun we could have together:) )

Ok, so last night AI.... My two favorites are still the David's. I think Archuleta was a little stronger last night but Cook's Mariah Carey song from last week still sticks out as an all time favorite. I can't wait to download their songs on to my Ipod!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Speedy Gonzalez

67 words

Now you try. See if you can beat my score...I dare you:) Actually I'm not sure if 67 is that fast or not. I have been told before that I am a speedy typer though. All because I took a typing class in High School. It definitely has paid off that's for sure!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Living in a cinematic world

A couple months ago I read a melancholy novel called The Memory Keeper's Daughter. For those who have not read it the story starts in the 60's with a couple who is pregnant and to their surprise give birth to twins. After the first baby is born the mom goes unconscious. The 2nd baby is born with down syndrome and the father asks the nurse to take the daughter to a group home for these "types" of children. The nurse gets there and discovers it is dirty, poorly run and so she leaves with the girl and ends up raising her as her own. The father lives the rest of his life with this underlying guilt because he told his wife that their little girl died at birth. This ultimately drives a massive wedge between him and his wife and son and leads them to a life of sadness and misery and always feeling like something was missing in their lives.

Lifetime made a movie about the book which I watched last night. For a tv movie it was well done but it made me think about the differences between books and movies. A book takes time to read and you go through the intimate details of the characters lives. You read about the good, the bad and the ugly. And ultimately you are attached because you "know" those characters. Movies only have a couple hours to draw you in, build characters and tell a story. A lot of the details are left out or greatly abbreviated and most the time everything is nicely wrapped up with a perfect little ending. Don't get me wrong...I love going to the movies and watching tv programs, but maybe movies/tv sometimes give us false expectations about life. Not everything in life is glamorous nor does it always turn out the way we would hope. Books make us realize that everything usually ends up ok but it might take blood, sweat and tears to get to our happy ending.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Goodbye Australia

I was so depressed to see Michael Johns get voted off American Idol last night. He was robbed!!!! I hope that he has the same success as someone like Chris Daughtry. He too was voted off way too early and now has some amazing songs on the radio. I just can't believe Kristy Lee Cook is still on, although her Martina McBride song was well sung, she should have gone home a long time ago! The next two to go home should be Syesha and Carly, after that I am torn. I really like Brooke but I don't think she should win. I think my faves are David Archuleta, David Cook and Jason Castro.On another note this week was also Idol Gives Back. These episodes were very emotional for me to watch. It is so sad to think of children suffering all over the world. It makes me think, why was I so blessed to be born in this day and age, in this country and into a socio-economic class that isn't one of poverty. It is overwhelming to think of the vast number of people across the world who live in horrible conditions. It seems like even if you donate to a charity there will still be so many untouched. BUT the more people who are inspired to donate the more people will be blessed, and who knows....maybe it will spread further than we can even imagine.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Delta, Delta, Delta, Can I help ya, help ya, help ya?

Well, we are back home....finally. It wasn't easy but somehow it all worked out in the end. Our flight leaving Rome Saturday morning departed at 6:45AM. So to be there two hours early and to ensure adequate travel time we got up at 3 AM! The flight home was smooth but long....11 hours from Milan to Atlanta. I guess the head winds makes your trip longer. When we got to Atlanta we patiently awaited our luggage to come through customs out but it never did. This made us miss our connection to West Palm Beach, but no worries it gave us plenty of time to get some non-Italian food at Chili's:) When we arrived at West Palm Beach we submitted a lost luggage form and crossed our fingers it would be delivered to us at my Grandparent's before we departed for Arizona on Sunday. Of course it never showed. Our flight to AZ was supposed to depart at 7PM Sunday night. When we arrived at the airport we were informed that there were maintenance problems with our plane coming from Atlanta so it would be late which would make us miss our connection to AZ. They asked us to please stand in line to re-book. And stand in line we did.....FOR 3 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!! It was the slowest moving line I had ever been in my life. While we were in line we were also on the phone with Delta to find out our options. We discovered that due to the time of year all flights were book and mostly likely we wouldn't be able to make it home until Tuesday....this was Sunday. By some miracle when it was our turn at the front of the line the lady found us a flight the next day from Atlanta to Memphis to Phoenix. We took it!!!! When we arrived in Atlanta Sunday night they asked us to wait in another line to get our hotel voucher. We were joined with the hundreds of other people that were affected by these same "maintenance issues." Finally we got our hotel voucher caught a shuttle to our hotel and guess what we found....another line. It appeared that we were all sent to the same hotel. So we waited another hour while 1 LADY checked in all these people. It was 1 AM before we got to our room and just a few lovely hours later we got up to catch our flight to Memphis. The only good thing that happened was when we arrived in Phoenix our luggage was waiting for us at the airport!!!!!

Oh more thing that went wrong. I had somehow left one of our snow globes in my carry on. This snow globe safely traveled with me from Rome to Milan to Atlanta to West Palm Beach and then back to Atlanta before being picked up by security. And the only reason it was noticed then is because I was selected for an extra security check. They were going to throw my Rome snow globe away!!!! I had a little bag that I could check it in so the security guard walked me through so I could go back to the ticket counter to check it. But when I get there they basically told me, "sorry, it's too late, don't let a stupid little snow globe keep you from making your flight time." Ok, by now I'm exhausted, dirty, wearing the same outfit 3 days in a row, no make up and I just want my luggage and I want to be home. So I break down, sobbing, take my ticket and walk away accepting I'm going to have to toss my precious souvenir. Then I hear my name being paged over the intercom asking me to come back to the ticket counter. So I do, still crying, and the lady tells me that she'll check it but she can't guarantee it will make the flight or that it won't be damaged. I thanked her and walked away but I couldn't stop crying. Well, eventually I did stop crying and the bag did make it on our flight and the snow globe was in perfect condition!!!!!!!