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Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Am Thankful For

What a week!!! Thursday was a very long and stressful day! I did realize some things that I am very grateful for!
1. A husband to un-clog the disposal when his wife put too many potato peels down the drain (thanks Joe)
2. Brothers who help clean up the tornado of a kitchen after a day of cooking and eating (thanks Chris and Austin)
3. Sisters who run to the store to get Stove Top when you realize you don't have the time or energy to make homemade stuffing (thanks Sara)
4. Friends who drive 10 hours to spend Thanksgiving with friend (thanks Watson's)

Yesterday Amber and I rewarded ourselves with a shopping spree. How can you say no to boots when you get a scratcher for 50% off your purchase!!!! I have been searching for the perfect brown boots for months and yesterday the heavens parted and angels sang as I tried on these beauties!!!We also went to Sephora which is the mecca of all beauty products. I was telling Amber about this amazing product by Urban Decay called Primer Potion. For all eye shadow wearers it is a must!!! If you have problems with creasing or with eye shadow that looks vibrant in the package and blah on your eyes then this potion will rock your make up world! As we were perusing the Urban Decay girl came up to us and offered to do Amber's make up. She did such a great job that we just had to buy some new products!

Here are some pics of our fun week with the Watson's!

Chris and Austin pumped to go to the Suns vs. Clippers game

Joe carving the turkey

Right before the feast, thanks Austin for the pretty napkins. And FYI those bottles are sparking juice:)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well so far Thanksgiving 2007 has been a great one! Our friends Amber and Jeff, their kids Elaina and Carter, and Amber's brother Austin, came down from Utah on Tuesday. We decided the best way to show them an Arizona good time was to go wake boarding!! The water was like glass!!
Amber and Elaina lookin' prettyJustin wakeboarding, Austin chillin on the boat

Elaina and her 2 best friends, Maddox and Fiona

Friday, November 16, 2007

La Casa

The house we are building is going to be beautiful and we are so excited!!! It took a while to get all the approvals and permits. So in the meantime, the framers put the walls together so that once the slab was poured they could simply put up the walls. Well I shouldn't say simply because I know it takes a lot of work. We are lucky enough to have one of our best friends as our general contractor!!! He owns a framing company and we are friends with a lot of the guys on his crew. In fact a lot of them play on the same soccer team as Joe. You can see them in the 1st pic:)

Here is a pic of the outside of the house. This view shows the front of the house. The far left is the garage, then there is the entry way and the right side is the den and master bedroom, etc.

Our house is kind of shaped like a U. So here is a pic of the curved foyer wall. Walls like this takes a lot of precision and skill so thank you guys!!

This is half of our front door! I am so excited for the door! I have always wanted a door like this!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Off the Hook!

Joe made a very dangerous purchase last night.....Guitar Hero!!!!! He has been talking about this game forever and how cool it is and how much I will love it. Come cool can it be??? Welllllll.....between me, Joe, and my brother Chris I think we played non-stop for 5 hours last night!!!!

I promise I do more than play video games in my spare time! In fact tonight I joined some friends for our monthly game of Bunco. It is a dice game that takes no skill but it is a good excuse to leave the men at home and get our game on:)

When I got home the boys were jamming out to Guitar Hero and had advanced to the point of buying new guitars and adding more exciting songs. It looked pretty fun so I gave it a try. They are much further a long than me but I have to say it is very addicting and very frustrating at the same time!!! Your brain starts to over think it and then your whole rhythm is off. It definitely takes hand eye coordination and the ability to keep a beat. This is sometimes easier said than done.

Ohhhh, Eclipse, the 3rd Stephenie Meyer book, FINALLY arrived and I have been reading it almost every minute I can!!!! If any of you are fans go to this website to check out a great article on the author:

Monday, November 12, 2007


Well, it has been over a week since my last post. Why?? Well my excuse is that our camera is broke. We have another camera but the one that fits nicely in a pocket or purse is broken therefore no pics are being taken. SAD! I had a feeling this would happen and this is why I debated starting a blog. So despite my lack of pictures I am going to ramble aimlessly so you have something to read.

Ok, last week...we had nutrition night for the Young Women at church. It was actually very interesting. But now I have to decide if I am going to take action. One thing she talked about was how bad aspartame is for you. That means no diet soda!! Aghhhhhhh!!!! That is a big step for me. I'm not out of control but I at least have one can a day...if not more. I know this is something I'll have to do when I'm pregnant but for now hand me another Diet Coke!

Friday night I went out to dinner with some girl friends to celebrate Jaimi Belinski's 29th birthday!!!! (I will post pics when Hilarry sends them to me:) ) 29 wow...that will be me next year. I like to remind Jaimi that she'll always reach those big milestone birthdays before me. It gives me some consolation at least! The food was ehhhh but the company was great! It is always fun to go out with the ladies and have good old fashioned girl talk!

Saturday morning Joe and I went out to look for counter tops and flooring with our contractor. As a lot of you know we are building a house in Gilbert. This project has seemed to take a life time but we are projected to move in the beginning of the year. Building a house on your own takes a lot longer but we are saving money in the long run. The real estate market isn't the greatest right now so we'll be renting our Phoenix house once we move to Gilbert. As excited as I am to move to a our new beautiful home I will be soooo sad to leave this house!!! I love the location....3 minutes from work, super close to downtown and central to everywhere we need to go. I will also be so sad to leave our ward. We have made such good friends at church. Hopefully we'll stay in touch with most of them but when you don't see people every week it is harder to get together.

Saturday was also a very sad day for the Buckeye nation. We actually lost a regular season game to Illinois????? Who knew it was possible. C'est la vie.

Sunday was a special day because Joe cooked Breakfast and Dinner!!!!!!!!! He did such a good job I told him he is welcome to cook more often. Not sure if that we'll happen but I'll DEFINITELY take what I can get!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

How to kill time...

Well, I have finished the 2nd book in the Twilight saga, New Moon. LOVED IT!!! Don't worry I won't give away any surprises though. I am anxiously awaiting my delivery from which contains the 3rd book, Eclipse. It can't come soon enough!!!! Why I didn't order all 3 at the same time I'll never know. So in the mean time I find myself finding other things to do in my spare time. For those that know me well know that my tivo is always fully loaded. Currently my favorite shows are Men in Trees, Gray's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, Dirty Sexy Money, Big Shots, and Ugly Betty. AND THOSE ARE JUST THE SHOWS ON ABC. I know...I have a problem. Some other programs that I can't help but watch are Chuck on NBC and America's Next Top Model on the CW network. But come on, a girl can only watch so much tv. Sometimes I choose a much more "mind stimulating" activity.... going to the gym you ask, maybe learning how to make a gourment entree?? No unfortunately none of the above but more like playing my Nintendo DS. Joe bought this for me for my birthday after seeing me borrow my Aunt's when we were home in September. The first thing that drew me to it was the color...bubble gum pink. The second was a favorite game from my child hood, Mario Brothers. How could a girl resist??? I have accumulated a few other games from friends and family so I have options when I get bored or can move on to a different game when I get stuck or can't beat a level. For those of you out there that think a handheld video game would be fun but would actually prefer a mind stimulating activity you can buy a program called Brain Age where you challenge your mind with simple math probmlems and concentration type activities to name a few.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


October is a phenomenal month!!! My birthday, college football, cooling weather, and Halloween are a few events that make this month one of my favorites!!! Who can say no to candy corn, caramel apples, ghosts and goblins. Every year when Halloween comes along I have high hopes for dressing up and going to a costume party....or better yet, throwing a party myself. But since I've been married Halloween comes and goes and we say "well maybe next year." So last night the only costumes in our house were worn by the dogs. They are so cute I wonder how I got so lucky with 2 darling dogs!!!

After we ran out of candy we decided to watch a "scary" movie. I'm kind of a wimp so I didn't want to watch anything too gruesome. We decided on The Ring which had me on the edge of my seat and screaming out loud when I saw it in the theater in 2002. This time....not so much. I kept waiting for the scary part...still waiting...

My Little Punkin

Joe, Maddox and cute!!!

Patiently waiting for trick-or-treaters

Why are my antenna's under my chin?? :)